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Online Coaching Program 

If you’re human, you’re made to move.
Achieve was created for Movers of all levels who understand that the best things in life only get better when you are healthy and fit.

Co-Movement Achieve will help you be antifragile for all the events in your life. 

Our unique program design has assisted hundreds of clients over 10 years in Upstate NY and remote clients stretching around the globe. With this online program you will build a strong foundation that will last a lifetime and you will thrive with support and motivation from our online community!


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Achieve Level 1

Professional guidance that benefits Movers of all levels.

Exclusive members have access to the following: ​

  • Beginner monthly online program design. Workouts created specifically for beginners who want to increase strength and feel great.  

  • Advanced monthly online program design. Workouts created specifically for the athlete who wants to increase strength and performance. 

  • Video Demonstrations of exercises

  • Weekly Wellness Tips, Education and articles

  • Receive full support in our Closed Facebook Group

  • Access to our weekly education podcast, A is A 

  • Free Co-Movement swag (tee-shirt) with 12 month commitment. 

$49.99 per month (12 month Commitment) 

$69.99 per month (Per Month Commitment) 

Achieve Level 2

The ultimate option for accountability,

personalized guidance, and support for remote clients.

Exclusive members have access to the following: ​

  • Personalized Online Programming designed around your goals and current abilities

  • One 45 minute zoom call online with your coach every month to review training progress, nutrition tweaks and/or lifestyle guidance. 

  • Email access with your coach

  • Video Demonstrations of exercises

  • Weekly Wellness Tips, Education and Articles

  • Receive full support in our Closed Facebook Group

  • Access to our weekly education podcast, A is A

  • Free Co-Movement swag (Tee-shirt) with 6 month commitment.


$199/month (6 month commitment)

$225/month (3 month commitment) 


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testimonial from a client Peter who had great fitness results working with a Co-Movement personal trainer

Dr. Peter Lombardi 

Co-Movement is on the right track of congruency with what the human body requires to express health. The world wants this now more than ever.  


Frequently asked questions

What is included in the Co-Movement ACHIEVE Program?

A Generalized but Comprehensive Training Program – We touch upon every element of
fitness needed to achieve a better quality of life, including all facets of nutrition, sleep habits, mobility, positivity, strength/energy system development, and calisthenics/gymnastics skills.
Co-Movement Achieve programs will offer training sessions 3 days per week, as well as active recovery sessions. Workouts can be done on a 2-6 day program schedule depending on time available and level of fitness. Our program is built upon principles of improving health, body/mind, movement progression, and structural balance. We have made this program easy to follow and adaptable to a variety of life styles. Every element of the training program has a purpose, and we take care to ensure that the elements of the program complement each other rather than interfere.
Feedback from Expert Coaches – Our staff of coaches will be constantly engaging with members of Co-Movement Achieve to answer questions and provide feedback on results posted. We’re committed to being accessible to help each mover get the most out of their training experience. The Co-Movement coaching team has coached multiple individuals to achieve their goals in life. This could be as simple as improving mobility to help movers play with their children/grandkids, competing in collegiate sports, or even competing in advance lifting competitions. Instructional Videos – We have and will continue to build a library of instructional videos that will help our movers better understand how to perform certain movements incorporated in the program. We see many movers performing exercises incorrectly, thereby negating most of the benefits from that movement. We will work to ensure that our movers understand some of the finer details of the movements included in the program.
Training Overviews – Our team of coaches will prepare overviews of what athletes can/should expect in different phases of training cycles. We will share our experiences and thoughts about how athletes should be approaching the training week, certain workouts, and/or recovery methods.

What type of person benefits from the ACHIEVE program?

Co-Movement Achieve is designed for all movers of any skill level looking to achieve a
higher level of fitness. Included are several options in the training program for beginners to
advanced level movers that will allows you to prioritize elements of your fitness that need the
most work.

How many training days per week is the Co-Movement Achieve Program?

Days and frequency can be determined by the individual based on their own schedule and time restraints. Leaving at least one day of rest per week is recommended no matter your individual skill level.

Will I need to have any special equipment for the Co-Movement Achieve Program?

No. The majority of the program was designed for individuals at home with minimal access to equipment. You can make most movements more difficult with the addition of dumbbells and a pull up bar and/or rings would be a great addition as you start to transition out of the beginner training level.
Pieces of equipment that we strongly recommend:
– Pull up bar and gymnastic Rings
– Dumbbells/Kettlebells of varying weights
- Jump Rope Optional: – Row Machine and/or a stationary bike such as an Assault bike or Airdyne. - Barbell with bumper plates

Will nutrition coaching be provided in the Co-Movement Achieve Program?

Nutrition is very important to all levels of movers, but every human being has different
dietary needs. We will provide some basic guidance through our Weekly Health Tips and the A is A podcast but we will not be providing individual nutrition coaching as part of the Co-Movement Level 1 Achieve Program.
Nutrition Coaching is offered in our Achieve Level 2 Program during your one-on-ones with your coach.

When will workouts be posted for the following weeks training?

Weekly workouts will be posted by 8:00 PM EST Sunday every week.

When can I join the ACHIEVE Program?

You can jump in anytime!

How much does it cost?

Level 1 Program $49 per month with a 12 month commitment $69 per month no commitment, billed monthly
Level 2 Program $225 per month with a 3 month commitment $199 per month with a 6 month commitment

What is the difference between the Level 1 and Level 2 Program?

Level 2 is personalized programming meaning you will be assigned a Co-Movement Coach and have direct email access to your Coach who will review your individual goals and progress made. Your program is 100% customized to your abilities.
With Level 2 you’ll also get one 45 minute monthly check-in with your coach and be able to email videos to your coach to review and give feedback on form and technique. During your monthly check-in you are free to discuss anything with your coach! This includes
topics like nutrition, programing, progression and more! Level 1 provides a tremendous amount of value included in Level 2 but the workouts prescribed are generalized and categorized as Beginner or Advanced. You also do not receive personalized one-on-one time with Level 1.

Billing and Account Changes

If you have any questions on your account and your subscription, please

Cancellation Policy:
We are confident that our Co-Movement Achieve program will take you to the next level.
However, if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason and your commitment period is up, simply email 14 days prior to your next renewal date (which is always the 1st of each month) and we will ensure that you
are not billed for the next billing period.