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We have found that a lot of the fitness information out there simply isn’t true, and we want to offer anyone listening the simple honest truth. No gimmicks or promises that leave people disappointed. We offer truth and fitness guidance that has worked for hundreds of clients and will work for you too. The Co-Movement Gym Podcast was designed to give advice to listeners that want to improve their overall quality of life and achieve the values/goals that are important to them. Reach out to us by sending us an email below! We would love to answer any health, nutrition, or overall wellness questions you may have and thank you for listening!


Partner With Us


All of our partners offer products that will help you achieve your health goals. The Co-Movement Gym Podcast only partners with companies that we believe in and that we know will benefit you in your health and wellness journey.

Why partner with us?

We only partner with companies that share the same values as our brand. We want to provide our customers with products we trust and believe in.

Grow your business

New listeners every day that will learn about your brand, and have direct access to your products.

Reach new customers

Expand your customer base by starting a new partnership with us.

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