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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own farm giving you the ability to raise your own healthy food, and be independent of the grocery store system? Unfortunately the cost of purchasing a farm, and daily intensive labor makes this an impossible dream for most.


Until now. 


Our Farm Share Program allows members to own equity in our livestock herd. Yes, you will own a portion of these living animals  which provides you numerous benefits:

  •  You have security and peace of mind knowing you have access to pastured raised, healthy U.S.A. meat, year round.

  • Available on farm pick up and free delivery for all orders over $200 within a 10 mile radius of 13425

  • On site butchering means your animal is not stressed during transport 

  • Affordable for families

  • You are making the world and humans healthier.


Co-Movement Owner Josh Lewis and Berry Hill Farm owner Harold Schrock have been good friends since 2005 and neighbors since 2010. Their relationship to quality food, regenerative agriculture and providing consumers with a high quality product sparked this creative partnership. Harold has nearly 30 years experience with pasture-based livestock production, all while studying and following in the foot steps of Joel Salatin and Gabe Brown. All of Berry Hill Farms fields are certified organic. Our beeves are 100% forage fed with rotationally grazed pastures in the growing season and hay in the winter. There is no antibiotics or growth hormones in our production. Our layers free range on pasture as weather permits and are loose housed in a greenhouse during winter weather. The broiler chickens and turkeys are raised in pasture shelters moved as needed to fresh grass. We grow all of our own organic Non-GMO chicken feed.


  • Pasture raised meats....

    • You are supporting a small local USA farm

    • Your meat is grown AND processed in the U.S. 

    •  Lower carbon emissions that contribute to global warming

    • Avoid the use of all chemicals such as Glyphosate (Round Up) that leach into our waterways, air and soil systems

    • Builds soil health 

    • Has high levels of antioxidants, and omega three fatty acids 

    • Less likely to spread e-coli, mad cow disease, staph, or salmonella. 

    • Allows the natural eco system to work as intended without Mechanical Farming disruption. 

    • Are raised as nature was intended. These animals spend their entire lives outside, in fresh air, consuming grass and have the company of their herd members. 

"Going back to grass can regenerate farmland, improve animal welfare and deliver a

bounty of healthy, nutritious, delicious food that everyone can enjoy"

--Stone Barnes Center for Food and Agriculture​


  • 4% of the beef on the market in the U.S. is Grassfed

  • 80% of Grassfed beef in the U.S is imported

  • .8 % of the grassfed beef in the U.S. is raised and processed in the U.S. 

  • 30 million pounds of antibiotics are used in North American animal production per year

  • 4.5 billion pounds of Glysphosate and Antibiotics are in our food chain per year

"The common perception among restaurateurs and consumers used to be that grassfed beef was tough and dry compared to that of grain-fed beef, but today, star chefs buy grassfed exclusively, saying that the quality and taste are superior to that of conventional feedlot beef. And evidence is mounting that well-managed animals can regenerate grasslands,

build soil health and sequester carbon". 

--Stone Barnes Center for Food and Agriculture​

What does that mean? 

  • Finding quality, pasture raised, grassfed U.S. meat is becoming increasingly difficult each year. 

  • The quality of the food you consume determines the quality of your health

  • Small farms practicing regenerative agriculture need  your support to grow and thrive

How: Become a Member Today

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2. Start shopping, and start eating!





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“Since our break with nature came with agriculture, it seems fitting that the healing of culture begin with agriculture,

fitting that agriculture take the lead.”
― Charles Massy