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Years Training Clients 

Months Average Client Retention

Years Combined Coaching Experience 

Active Clients Internationally and Throughout U.S.

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 On-Site Personal Training Program 

For 13 years we have successfully worked with hundreds of clients at all levels, coaching them as they pursue their goals. Our community is made up of parents, "brand new to fitness" beginners, weekend warriors, post surgery patients, those training for a lifetime competition such as CrossFit or Triathlon , wedding or other big events. No matter your goal our coaches will guide you along your journey. 

Our years of experience has made it clear to us that success lies in providing the following:

  • A sustainable approach to health and movement. Short term, cookie cutter plans simply do not work.​

  • Customized programming for the individual. We take into account your current abilities, goals, lifestyle and commitment level when designing your program.

  •  Implement the most potent and effective methods possible. Few people have unlimited time to spend in the gym. Knowing exactly what exercises, energy systems and mobility patterns to train, allows our personal trainers to spearhead true effectiveness in every workout while you are at the local gym in Oriskany Falls NY or remote. 


  • Lifestyle coaching. Easy to manage nutrition, stress and sleep protocols are the frosting on the "cake".

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The ultimate level of guidance and support.

Exclusive members have access to the following: ​

  • Work one-on-one or in a small group with an experienced coach

  • All clients receive an assessment, weekly accountability and customized program to assist in achieving their goals.

  • 45-minute sessions can be spent training, and/or receiving nutrition coaching.

  • Private clients and remote programming clients have unlimited access to the gym for additional workouts

  • Our closed community means your workouts are private with familiar faces at the gym.

  • On-site sauna and full bathroom​​

Healing Humans
8 Week Program

Packed with Value, Amazing Results 

100% Money Back Guarantee 

  • Only 8 weeks in length (you are welcome to extend your commitment at any time once you end up loving it here but you are free to leave after 8 weeks)


  • Designed to improve aesthetics, energy, full body strength and overall knowledge around what works and what does not when it comes to health, nutrition and movement.


  • Requires only 2 days a week in the gym. That’s right, the rest of the time we want you with your family, friends and focusing on the other aspects of your health that we know are so important.

Includes valuable resources such as:

  • 2 Private 45 min Coaching Sessions per week

  • Our 71 Page Digital Book: Because You Can

  • Progress Habit Tracker Worksheet

  • Access to our 28-day Easy Fit Challenge.

  • Co-Movement Grocery List and MORE!


Private Mentorship

87% of people are unhappy day-to-day,

but it does not need to be you

This 6 month program is for individual's who know there is more to life than what they are living and want to unveil the next chapter in their life. 

Participants work exclusively with Josh Lewis, remote or


Who is this program for?

  • Confused college graduates 

  • Exploring a career change

  • Unsatisfied day-to-day 

  • Highschool students needing a positive role model 

  • Looking to improve physical and mental health  

This program has very limited availability and accepts only serious participants.


Healthier kids are smarter and happier kids!  

Numerous programs available to jump start your child's active lifestyle. Call Erin Glazier today at 315-725-2942

  • Tumbling

  • Recreational Cheer-leading

  • Birthday Parties

  • Parents Night Out Open Gym  


Gym Hours

  • Monday 3:00 pm – 07:30 pm

  • Tuesday 3:00 pm – 09:00 pm

  • Wednesday 3:00 pm – 07:30 pm

  • Thursday 3:00 pm – 09:00 pm

  • Friday 3:00 pm – 07:30 pm

  • Saturday By Appointment

  • Sunday Closed

gymnastics gym attached to Co-Movement gym in oriskany falls Oneida County



Andrew, the other trainers, and clients have created an amazing environment where making yourself a priority and positive personal growth is contagious. Being someone who used to hate strength training, it is crazy for me now to know that I honestly look forward to my biweekly sessions and can’t imagine not doing it.

Lara client fitness goal co-movement gym Oriskany Falls in Oneida County NY
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