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September 14th, 2024






NEW FOR 2024: 5k Trail Run


Located in beautiful Brookfield New York, deep in the woods of the Charles E Baker State Forest, participants will complete one of three races, the 5k, 15k, or the 50k Ultra Marathon.  

Race Details: 5k Run/Walk

New for 2024 is our scenic 5k trail run around Woodland Pond. New to trail running or enjoy the 5k distance, this is the event for you. 

Race Details: 15k Run/Walk

This race traverses a challenging 15k loop through a mix of truck trails and horse trails. This race is family friendly and can be walked or ran. Think of it as a day hike or a competitive run, you choose. The current FKT is 1:15 (Brandon Roman)

Race Details: 50k Ultra Marathon 

This race traverses 50k through truck and horse trails covering 4,800+ feet of vertical gain. The course is broken into 3+ loops allowing participants to refuel each lap or in the event they no longer choose to go on, are able to safely quit. At the end of each loop you must ensure a race volunteer has marked you down for completing your loop. The current FKT is 5:29. (Bob Galinski)

This race has a 9 hour cut off. 

Course and Event Details

 Training Program, Nutrition, and Race Strategies

Course Maps/Parking

The State lands can be tricky to navigate. We will have good signage directing you to parking and through the entire course. Find your way to the Giles Road/ Brown Road intersection in West Edmeston and you will see signs the rest of the way. 

Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.76563864242898, -75.3867952815479

IF YOU USE these coordinates, google takes you from Giles road to truck trail 8, this is incorrect, as truck trail 8 eventually is blocked off. The GPS coordinates are correct but the way google sends you is incorrect. Everyone needs to come in from the Giles Road and Brown Road intersection in West Edmeston. Signs will lead from there to parking. 

Strava Segment: Both 15k and 50k are posted

Course Map: 





**UPDATE: Finish for the 50k is at the start line, not Woodland pond. Updated map below. Runners will complete their 3rd lap and continue to run one more time around Woodland pond. At the main intersection runners will be turning LEFT on the last LAP to head back to the parking lot, to touch the rock and finish the race. **


Registration Fee: $55 per runner.   


Date: 9/14/24

Arrival/Sign in: 7:30 AM (please be on time)

Race Start Time: 8:30 AM 



Rays Barbeque will be providing delicious food for a fee with their food truck 11:30-3:30  


Two (2) porta potties will be located in the Parking Lot (Truck Trail 14, fire tower north lot)

One (1) located on Brown Road coming off the horse trail 54

Trail Conditions: 

These vary but we recommend trail running shoes or hiking boots (for walkers). A change of shoes and socks is not a bad idea. 

Interested in Volunteering: Email








West Edmeston Fire Department

Brookfield Fire Department

Garage Gym Oneida


Whites Welding

All volunteers

Ryan Hobart (Madison Central Band Teacher)

Scott and Jenny Hanmer: UTV 

Bridgeford Beef Jerky 

NY Department of Environmental Conservation 

Stephen Decker: Videography

Utica Road Runners

Madison County Tourism 

Waterville Times

Route 20 Road series 

Miles and Macros


Blueberry Brook Farm Resort, Deansboro 

Cherry Ridge Campsites

Moscow Hill Campsites

Air BNB (Brookfield, Waterville, Deansboro, Clinton)

Restaurant: The Beaver Den in Brookfield 

General Store and Gas: Downtown Brookfield


Race Directors: Josh Lewis, Bob Galinski, Andy Cieply 

This race is designed to be fun, build community, and test your individual limits. At the end of the day, the sense of accomplishment you get from crossing the finish line is like no other. This being the first annual Brookfield Classic, you will be able to set an individual benchmark to compare to for future performances. There are many people in this world with unfortunate circumstances unable to participate in an event like this. If you are lucky enough to have a healthy body, and a good life, complete this race for no other reason than "because you can".    


No matter if your goal is to casually hike the 5k or 15k or attempt to win the Ultra Marathon, you will be a better person at the end.


Results 2023

2023 Pics







































































The rock that officially starts and ends the race. We named her "It's all down hill from here". 





Brookfield Classic 15K course map (final version).bmp
Brookfield Classic 50K course map (final version).bmp
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