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John B

I’ve been a pretty active athlete and an avid skier all my life, but never really much for a gym workout.  I booked a “trip of a lifetime” heli-skiing adventure in British Columbia for January of this year, and knew that at age 62, the status quo wasn’t going to cut it if I was going to really enjoy this trip.  I learned about Co-Movement Gym from a friend and signed up for regular training sessions with Andy starting in March of 2023.  I kind of dreaded getting started, knowing that I have tried doing regular gym workouts multiple times in the past and have never been able to make it last.  Working with Andy was an immediate success.  He got to know me both personally as well as my physical condition and goals, and put together a workout plan that made me feel like I made progress right from the start.  It was hard, but left me feeling successful, so I was motivated to keep coming back.  In no time, I lost that sense of dread about going to the gym, and actually began to look forward to the sessions.  Andy pushed me, but never to the point of injury. He listened carefully to my feedback and made frequent adjustments to my program to make sure that my workouts were safe but effective.   With regular sessions over the course of 9 months, I lost weight, got significantly stronger, and my overall fitness level was better than it has been in years.  I surprised myself, and I think at times, even surprised Andy with my performance.  Plus, Andy has a subtle, but effective way of asking about what I’m doing this weekend, what I ‘m having for dinner, am I doing any other activity besides the gym, etc to make me think about my diet and other activity to reinforce the progress I was making in the gym.  It was really a total life training program – fitness, diet, activity, mentality all combined in a low-pressure environment.


Fast forward to January, and I was off to the Skeena Mountains for 5 days of pretty intense heli-skiing – I was ready!  I skied over 72,000 vertical feet with skiers half my age, and no one was waiting for me at the end of a run.  Thanks to Andy’s patience, knowledge, encouragement and unwavering confidence in me, I got myself to a point that I could never have accomplished on my own, and I had the time of my life on this trip! 


I want to thank Josh for creating Co-Movement in a way that makes it possible for anyone of any age and physical condition to achieve fitness levels that not only improve your athletic performance, but enhance your overall health.  They take a whole-body approach to fitness and make sure that your program is customized specifically to your level and goals.  The environment at Co-Movement is super welcoming and friendly.  Can’t wait to get back home and get started working on the next level!


Mary B

I have followed Co-Movement for a long time on social media back to the original garage gym days!


I came to Co-Movement after being diagnosed with “Covid long haulers syndrome “ . I had severe fatigue and was becoming more depressed being unable to do anything aside from work- I had zero energy. My doctor had prescribed medication to combat the fatigue but the side effects far outweighed any benefits. I saw something that Josh had posted on Instagram and I decided to contact him and give the gym a try. I was willing to do anything to get my life back.


Looking back on the past eight months I don’t think I can pinpoint any one accomplishment that stands out because all that I have learned and accomplished has been pretty surprising for me! 

I have never been a person to exercise even going back to school days I would avoid gym classes like the plague! 

So to see my self at 63 doing a plank and a chin up and all of the other things that I am able to do is an incredible feeling.

I owe so much to my trainer Elizabeth who has never let my negative thoughts win- she encourages me everyday and has helped me in so many ways.


I thought about joining Co-Movement for a number of years -now I can’t imagine not being a part of this community.

To anyone thinking of joining my advice is to set up a meeting with Josh discuss your why- don’t feel you can’t do this because you’ve never done it before. This community is a judgement free community. Age is no excuse either. Take the first step and trust the process.  

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Emerson H

Emerson has been with us for over 5 years, coached by trainer Andrew Cieply. To say he’s made huge progress would be an understatement!

“I initially joined Co-Movement when I was eleven because I simply needed a new afterschool activity to look forward to. I was home schooled at the time and did not have much of anything interesting to spend my free time on. My mom did some research and came to the conclusion that co-movement was the right fit for me! I am now 16 and stronger than I ever was before. My most notable moment was the day I hit 38 miles per hour on the exercise bike, which was a gym record. These days I hit Five Guys once a month usually after a workout. Which leads me to my biggest piece of advice of not eating like me regularly if you expect results. I cannot say enough good things about co-movement and urge as many people as possible to join! There is no one better at their job than Andy and Josh. The reward of self improvement makes the work all worthwhile!” Emerson



Jeff R.


Jeff has been a part of our community for 7 months and is trained by Liz Neidhardt. Jeff is a busy entrepreneur but still finds time to train with Liz 2x per week, bike, run and travel, no excuses!

How did you hear about Co-Movement?
My wife. I think she saw something about the 50K you held. She checked out the website and thought it might be something I would like. She was right (as usual).

- Tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Co-Movement? I’m a lawyer so my work life is very sedentary. In my non-work life I have always been pretty active, mostly running and cross country skiing until my hips got to bone on bone and I had to have them replaced. I resumed running a few months after (don’t tell my doctor), but knew I had to do something more because my range of motion, strength and stability were becoming more and more limited. Co-Movements’ philosophy seemed to address those things, so I joined. I started working with Liz and following her plan, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

- Name one favorite meal or snack that you enjoy the most. Favorite meal - ribeye steak, plenty of salt and pepper and reverse seared on a Weber charcoal grill to medium rare.

- What is your most memorable moment/accomplishment at our gym? There are a few, but doing a dead hang is probably at the top of the list. My first day I couldn’t hang with my feet off the ground. 6 months later I’m hanging 4 X 45 seconds. TY Liz!!!

- What would you tell someone looking at joining our facility? The people, the vibe, the results – It checks all the boxes


IMG_0981 (2).jpg


Marsha has been part of our community for 14 months and is trained by Andy Cieply. Marsha has been working on balance, stability and strength training, all of which keeps her active and healthy outside of the gym! 

Marsha's Experience: 
After learning that I had a serious ACL tear in my vital right shoulder that couldn't be repaired without total shoulder replacement (which was NOT happening!), I completed a regimen of physical therapy to strengthen it. I realized I needed to continue with this rehabilitation work and knew I would not do it on my own. At 75, I am also concerned about the natural loss of muscle elasticity, strength, and body balance that can lead to falls or other health issues.

I live nearby and was familiar with your facility, so I went to the website. It was very helpful and when I reached out, Josh answered all my questions. I then committed to once a week for three months to see how helpful it could be, and I was hooked!

Working with Andrew has been extremely rewarding. He varies the workouts to keep them interesting as well as challenging. I have been encouraged by the progress I've made and the improvement to my shoulder. My kids and grandkids are impressed when I tell them about the things I do! Never having participated in any form of structured exercise, each increase in the weights I lift, each lowering of the push-up bar, each time I extend the seconds I can stand on one foot--all of it is amazing to me. I feel rewarded for what I accomplish and encouraged to do more. I am positively reinforced each session and challenged to better myself at the next one. Plus I find that the number of drops of sweat equals endorphins released!

Due to the personal, one on one work you do at Co-Movement, this is perfect for anyone who hopes to either better or maintain him/herself physically. No fancy workout clothes required, no body shaming, no age limits--just an assessment of where you are, and goals set for where you want to be. 


guy performing back lever at Co-movement gym in Oriskany Falls NY


My accomplishments are many with improved strength and mobility, nutrition and a true zest for life. I never imagined being able to achieve multiple muscle ups, tuck planche, basic ring routines and handstand progressions at my age.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement


I have been an athlete my whole life, but getting back in shape post baby wasn’t as easy as it used to be, and managing a business and family added to the difficulty I was having getting my physical health back in order. Movement and Life Style Design coupled with working with a trainer was just what I needed. I started seeing results in as little as a month. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to join Co-Movement.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


I have worked out at various gyms for about 30 years - in my time at Co-Movement I have found definite differences. Previously they were fairly superficial relationships where I went to get and stay in shape and after my workout I left and that was the extent of it - it served a specific purpose for a small segment of my overall lifestyle. At Co-Movement I have so much more in common with the people I’m meeting - not just about fitness it extends well beyond that. It’s about being healthy in my attitude towards all aspects of my life and not just being fit. The sense of community is strong where others want you to succeed, it helps motivate me when I get too tough on myself and successes are celebrated which also inspires me!

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


I am a pilot and also trainer who focuses on working with flight crews. I have been on my own wellness journey for years and have been exposed to lots of different methodologies. I have done Triathalons, Marathons, Duathalons as well as Crossfit. I realized I was fit but not healthy. Watching Josh’s coaching and his own progress made me question where general movement fit into it all. After talking with Josh and doing a bit of a gymnastics focus I decided that the route he was offering fit perfectly with my goals.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


Very knowledgeable, genuine, no BS, strong community.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


My personal journey with Co-Movement started when I addressed my depression with my medical doctor. Coupled with addiction issues and depression I sought to get better and be happier. The depression was complicated with losing my husband of 25 years. I had no energy and no drive whatsoever. Add my brother's complicated health problems and finding myself back in the role of caretaker. 

I wasn't far enough gone that I didn't want to get better. I did. But I was terrified of joining a gym. I was 57, overweight, out of shape and depressed. Where to start...I followed a friend of mines postings about Co-Movement then reached out to ask questions. I was willing to try but wanted a private coach and as little people as possible in the gym with me. So I agreed to the early hour, forcing me to get up. Signed on for 3 days/week. I was really terrified of working out and afraid I would be asked to do one thing after another that I wouldn't be able to do. Well the workouts were tailored to me and I was coached to finish each rep. Before I knew it I was completing a few weeks. I felt better, slowly gaining confidence. My friends and immediate family were so supportive. My kids especially encouraged and teased me. I think they were afraid I wouldn't keep up with it. But it's been almost two years now!!!! They are confident I won't quit.They are happy I am happy. Jake seems to be able to read me very well, not an easy task! Pushes me appropriately. Listens to my concerns and explains the exercises over and over because I can't always remember. Jake is always always on task and committed to my sessions 100 percent. I have lost weight as a result, lots more to go though. I feel way better physically and mentally. My workouts with Jake have become a very important part of my recovery. It affects my balance, spirituality and general well being.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


I have discovered muscles I didn’t know I had and learned that overtraining certain parts of your body creates imbalances which actually age you faster and break down your health. As my body develops a healthier balance, I have noticed an improved posture, stance and gait which has given me a more youthful appearance. Working with Co-Movement now for over 7 years has been a pleasure and a perfect combination of challenge and support.

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


I am fitter, stronger and more supple at 65 than I was at 58 and I intend to continue to improve for many more years. I wish I could convince my friends that comment that 'I am so lucky to be fit and healthy' that it is possible for everyone to improve no matter your age or the injuries one is dealing with. One of the aspects I appreciate most is that I have never felt like a 'second-tier client' at Co-Movement. Many gyms cater to the serious athlete and their trainers give the impression they are tolerating the client who can pay in order to get to working the competitive athletes that are their real interest. I feel that Co-Movement, has a genuine interest in, and commitment to, everyone they work with no matter the age/size/shape/athleticism of the client. 

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


I contacted Co-Movement based on reading their philosophy on their website. What they were teaching clients, was what I truly have been living, with the exception of allowing myself to be coached. So I enrolled looking to break through the limits I created when we only rely on our own limited knowledge. I had more breakthroughs and personal records in the first 12 months at Co-Movement than I have had in the past 8 years training on my own “the old fashioned way.” I'm now in my 5th year training with their community. 

client happy with results from Personal Trainer at Co-Movement gym


After a period of time raising a family, I had gotten out of the habit of regular exercise, and then experienced a series of debilitating shoulder and hip injuries when I jumped back into things too fast. (A familiar story, I know.) After repeated waves of rest and re-injuring myself, I was about to throw in the towel, figuring I was just getting too old. However, several friends had recommended Co-Movement as a great place to help rebuild strength in a smart and safe manner. One friend moved out of the area but stays connected to them remotely, because she values the guidance she gets so much. When I told her I had taken her advice to join, she teased me that I would never stop. I totally know what she meant now!


this image is showing the statistics of how Co-Movement gym has improved clients quality of life in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle/mindset.




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