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Tell us about your goals, and schedule your free consultation.

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Join us for your free consultation in-person or on a zoom call where we will review our programs. and give you a facility tour. Choose the perfect option for you!


Co-Movement Gym has a 12 point assessment to evaluate all of your strengths and weakness, which accurately identifies your starting point to get results.

Custom Program

Your Personal Trainer will design a custom workout plan specific to your goals. Talk to your Personal Trainer about perfect form, nutrition, wellness tips, and more during any session.

How to Reach Your Health Goals

Personal one on one training at Co-Movement Gym


Motivation starts with a goal. Our personal trainers and health coaches are here to support and guide you. Regardless of your age or abilities, we will work with you to establish your goals and design a plan for you to achieve them. 

Interested in on-site or online coaching?

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We want to offer our listeners the simple honest truth. No gimmicks that leave people disappointed. We offer truth and fitness guidance that has worked for hundreds of clients here in Oriskany Falls, NY. This Podcast was designed to give advice to listeners that want to improve their overall quality of life and achieve the values/goals that are important to them.

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Our products are available to everyone in Oriskany Falls and Central NY area. 

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Co-Movement Gym Podcast

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Your Goals Will Help Co-Movement Gym Determine Which Personal Training Option (Local Or Online/Remote) Is Best For You!



I looked into Co-Movement for a place to complete solid workouts for the summer. My goal was to work on building power and strength to benefit me when I return to college for my third year of collegiate swimming. Since I have started, I have learned so many new ways of strengthening and have seen great improvements. I always feel comfortable working out here because the gym is full of many people of different abilities who have a positive and supportive energy and are working on strengthening themselves in different ways. Co-Movement will continue to help me achieve my goals not only in the pool, but also other personal fitness goals outside of it.  

Haley client fitness goal co-movement gym Oriskany Falls in Oneida County NY
  • How much does this course cost?
    This course is for serious educators. 3 payments of $325 are due. Your first payment of $325 is when the course starts, the 2nd installment of $325 week 4, the 3rd installment of $325 week 8.
  • Do I need to be a certified coach to take this class?
    No. If you are interested in becoming a coach, or are currently a coach and want to dramtically upgrade your knowledge then this course is for you.
  • Is this online course live or recorded?
    LIVE! Person-to-person real conversation!
  • Is this course taught in a group or 1-1?
    We are launching this course in a 1-1 setting, yes you work 1-1 with Josh Lewis.
  • How long does this course take? What is my commitment?
    This is a 12 week course. You spend 60-75 minutes one time per week via zoom reviewing new weekly content and have weekly homework. You commit to the full 12 weeks upon signing up for the course.
  • Why do I have to apply?
    This course is not for everyone. Those looking for a quick fix or tip will not find this course conducive to that mindset. We want to ensure our time spent working with you is beneficial and enjoyable. The right partnership is important to ensure that happens.
  • Who is this course for?
    Coaches and personal trainers in the field of movement, fitness or health practitioner such as a chiropractor that wants to add value to their current services. Understanding program design, exercise progressions and effective communication is imparitive to long term success in helping people achieve maximum health.
  • Do I get to call myself a Co-Movement Coach after completing this course?
    You are able to list the Co-Movement Certification program as a course you completed on your website. Marketing yourself as a Co-Movement facility, or offering Co-Movement services/classes is not permitted.
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