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Free Range Poultry Farm


START HERE: How Our Farm Works

To purchase our 100% grassfed beef, pasture raised chicken and pork products click here


You can shop and checkout easily online, pickups are located at 2554 Skyline Drive Oriskany Falls NY. All items will be delivered to our Farm Shed, aka The Farmacy, and placed in the freezer labeled with your name on it. You can order any day of the week, but orders are due Tuesday night of each week in order to receive your order on our normal delivery day which is Thursday evening that same week.















The Farmacy Shed and Co-Movement Gym

From Our Farm to Your Table: 

With over 50 years of regenerative farming experience, we take great pride in providing our customers with:

  • Security and peace of mind knowing you have access to pastured raised, healthy meat, year-round.

  • Available weekly on farm pick up 

  • Affordable for families

  • Our beeves are 100% forage fed with rotationally grazed pastures in the growing season and hay in the winter. There is no antibiotics, growth hormones or grain in our cattle production.

  • Our layers free range on pasture and consume non-GMO grain. 

  • Our broiler chickens are raised in pasture shelters moved daily to fresh grass.

  • Our pigs root happily in our pastures and consume non-GMO grain.

  • USDA processing  

Why Pasture Raised Meats?

  • You are supporting two small local USA farms

  • Your meat is grown and processed in the U.S. 

  • Lower carbon emissions that contribute to global warming

  • Avoid the use of all chemicals such as Glyphosate (Round Up) that leach into our waterways, air and soil systems

  • Builds soil health 

  • Has high levels of antioxidants, and omega three fatty acids 

  • Less likely to spread e-coli, mad cow disease, staph, or salmonella. 

  • Allows the natural eco system to work as intended without Mechanical Farming disruption. 

  • Are raised as nature was intended. These animals spend their entire lives outside, happy, in fresh air, consuming grass and have the company of their herd members. 

Media Highlights: 

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Co-Movement Gym Podcast With Will Harris from White Oak Pastures and Josh Lewis












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Joel Salatin and Josh Lewis at Polyface Farm





Member Feedback: 

"Tried the burgers, dude, those were so damn good, wow, probably the best burgers we have ever had". Matt

"The Delmonico steaks are mega awesome, the eggs continue to impress and I made some blue cheese, sea salt burgers this week and they blew me away!" Vin 

" The meat is far superior to anything we have purchased in the past, specifically the quality and flavor." John 

" We made a spicy Indian dish last night with the pastured chicken and it was great!" Steph 

"The chicken and beef has been amazing thus far!". Lou

" We love the meat, and have been a customer for 5 years!" Bonnie


“Since our break with nature came with agriculture, it seems fitting that the healing of culture begin with agriculture,
fitting that agriculture take the lead.”
― Charles Massy

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