Learning Program

  • 30 Minute Weekly Sessions

  • Learn From Anywhere

  • Weekly Assignments

  • $29/Month ($348 annually) 

  • 12 Month Curriculum   



Philosophy and Prescription 

  • 50% of Americans are trying to lose weight

  • 30% of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes

The correct nutrition protocol should leave you feeling confident, happy, horny and energetic. It’s that simple. A one size fits all approach to nutrition is a thing of the past. Educate yourself on food macro-nutrients, quality, timing, seasonal eating, GRAS ingredients, COVID-!9 immunity boosting and much more.


"I was introduced to this whole other world and was shown the importance of continuing your education and not formal education but life education. I have a new appreciation for the importance of mentors and to never stop learning or living. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to live a life of freedom."


"The fact is, a lot of people have big ideas, goals, or dreams, but we often shrug them off as impossible. This program has helped me see how achievable my goals really are."


"This course was truly an eye opener. It helped me to look at life with a new perspective, to think out of the box, try new things and assisted in launching my first business!"


"Our world is changing every day and Josh has helped me think and grow to keep up with those changes."