Co-Movement Level 1 Trainers Course


  • Personal Trainers

  • Crossfit Coaches

  • Movement Coaches

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Fitness Facility Owners


  •  $30 billion health and fitness industry 

  • Growing by at least 3 - 4% annually for the last ten years

  • Health education is taking center stage in this "New World"


  • 12 weeks

  • Online Live Lectures

  • Weekly Homework

  • HQ support

  • Course Worksheets

  • One on One Sessions


  • Longer client retention 

  • Increased revenue 

  • Increased Referrals

  • Professional results for your clients 

  • Differentiate yourself 

Why do the majority of clients fail or see little progress working with a coach? 

Why do the majority of clients quit working with a coach only after 3 months? 


The internet is loaded with thousands of exercise "how to" videos but only top notch coaches are discussing how to take those exercises, and program EFFECTIVE workouts for clients, keep clients retained and improving for years on end. 


If it was as easy as searching Youtube and putting exercises on paper then no one would hire a coach.

Professional coaches should understand how to...

  • properly assess a client

  • design a program centered on their clients goals and personal values

  •  build/sustain an amazing community of loyal clients through proper communication skills and structured expectations.  


Do these three things correctly and your client base will grow month after month. 

Course topics such as: 

  • Designing a Co-Movement Pool 

  • Exercise Progressions based on Co-Movements methodology 

  • How to program "wods" that are designed specifically for YOUR client 

  • Why improperly prescribed  aerobic training makes you fat 

  • Programming for Athletes versus Weekend Warriors versus Beginners 

  • Moving Courageously: our effective approach to prescribing, reps, tempo, sets, rest and frequency  

  • Living Courageously: our unique approach to lifestyle design 

  • Building client trust, rapport and long term relationships 


  • Module 1 

    • Programming effective workouts is a science. Gone are the days of picking workouts out of a hat. Learn how to correctly program workouts for clients that support their highest values, improve client retention, promote longevity and are centered on client success.  

      • Program includes: Five 60 minute 1-1 online live lectures with weekly homework

      • Email support

      • Digital course worksheets


  • Module 2

    • 85% of your success as a coach comes from proper communication and human interaction skills. Blend this with a modern approach to movement philosophy and you have a potent course that will lead to more referrals, testimonials, happier clients and a business that grows consistently year after year.

      • Program includes: Three 60 minutes 1-1 online live lectures with weekly homework

      • Email support

      • Digital course worksheets

  • Module 3

    • Day in and day out clients follow a workout plan, 5 days a week 60 minute sessions but see little to no results. Why? Without a proper lifestyle plan that aligns with personal values, your clients time spent at the gym is nothing more than aiming at a target with their eyes closed. Learn how to effectively prescribe and coach clients on sustainable lifestyle habits and practices that produce long term results and satisfied clients. 

      • Program includes: Three 60 minute 1-1 online live lectures with weekly homework

      • Email support

      • Digital course worksheets



Andreas, Owner MoveMeant

Every good coach has their own coach!
I'm proud to be entering my 6th month under the guidance of movement extraordinaire, and power entrepreneur Josh Lewis!

Pete, Owner Lombardi


Co-Movement is on the right track of congruency with what the human body requires to express health. The world wants this now more than ever.  

John, Owner Mohawk Valley Wellness

With the growing interest and education in movement based programs working with Co-Movement was an easy choice to help grow our business.

Sean, Owner, Body of Work Boston

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh through the Co-Movement remote individual design service. Not only has Josh impressed me with his programming intelligence, but his intrapersonal coaching skill. I highly recommend Co-Movement to anyone looking to improve their physicality and beyond.”

Rob, Owner, Fit 2 Fly Calgary 

Watching Josh’s coaching and his own progress made me question where general movement fit into it all. After talking with Josh  I decided that the route he was offering fit my perfectly with my goals.

Tammy, Trainer, Fitness and Sport Evolution, Hood River Oregon 

I am able to utilize Co-Movements methodology with EVERY one of my clients.

 I applied for a coaching position in Oregon and  during my interview I shared some of what I had learned from Co-Movement and was offered a position at a fitness center on the spot! I utilize the methods everyday, and my clients have shown real successes.  

Frequently asked questions

How much does this course cost?

This course is for serious educators. A 50% downpayment of $499 is required at the start of the course and your final 50% payment is due week 6, half way through the course

Do I need to be a certified coach to take this class?

No. If you are interested in becoming a coach, or are currently a coach and want to dramtically upgrade your knowledge then this course is for you.

Is this online course live or recorded?

LIVE! Person-to-person real conversation!

Is this course taught in a group or 1-1?

We are launching this course in a 1-1 setting, yes you work 1-1 with Josh Lewis.

How long does this course take? What is my commitment?

This is a 12 week course. You spend 60-75 minutes one time per week via zoom reviewing new weekly content and have weekly homework. You commit to the full 12 weeks upon signing up for the course.

Why do I have to apply?

This course is not for everyone. Those looking for a quick fix or tip will not find this course conducive to that mindset. We want to ensure our time spent working with you is beneficial and enjoyable. The right partnership is important to ensure that happens.

Who is this course for?

Coaches and personal trainers in the field of movement, fitness or health practitioner such as a chiropractor that wants to add value to their current services. Understanding program design, exercise progressions and effective communication is imparitive to long term success in helping people achieve maximum health.

Do I get to call myself a Co-Movement Coach after completing this course?

You are able to list the Co-Movement Certification program as a course you completed on your website. Marketing yourself as a Co-Movement facility, or offering Co-Movement services/classes is not permitted.