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Co-Mo Collective #1

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hello all! Welcome to our first ever Co-Mo Collective blog post. At Co-Movement we wanted to provide a direct insight into what we as trainers and clients are spending time on both inside and outside of the gym. We will be posting our Co-Mo Collective blogs the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

Here is this week’s list of what we are spending time, energy and thoughts on geared towards optimizing a life of moving and living courageously!

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Weekly Workout:

Every 5 minutes complete the following for 30 minutes: 6 total sets

Row 500 meters

Front plank 60 seconds

**Remaining time after the plank until the next 5 minute interval is rest*

Equipment needed:

Quote I'm Pondering : “The continuum has been broken because the human animal no longer lives in a human world. We live in a world created by and for institutions that thrive on commerce, not human beings that thrive on community, laughter and leisure.” Christopher Ryan, Civilized to Death

Photo of the week: Greg Rice Handstand

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

Joe Rogan and Pavel Tsatsouline interview. Amazing details on kettlebell training, program design and life in general.


Living in a rural area there is loads of cow manure spread each year on the fields. This can be a healthy source of nutrients for the soil but not our digestive system. Most rural homes (mine included) have a well as a source of water. Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, (I personally only drink well water as I want to avoid the fluoride and disinfectant agents in municipal water) but unless you have done a water quality test you have no idea what is in your water. Years ago I sold real estate and one of the inspections that has to pass on well water is a basic water quality test. The number of wells that failed for E-coli and coliform was staggering. E-Coli and Coliform can contribute to a whole host of nasty digestive and health issues so to avoid this problem I installed a Water Ultraviolet system on my last two homes. It takes a plumber less than an hour to install and this particular unit is very cost effective. Underground water quality is constantly fluctuating due to rain amounts, flooding, removal of hedgerows, pesticide use and manure spreading so I would recommend anyone who wants bottled quality drinking water look into installing a UV light.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


P.S. Did you miss our January client of the month write-up? No problem!

P.P.S Want to escape the bitter cold and dark clouds? Consider booking yourself a flight to Costa Rica for our Annual Co-Movement Camp March 21st.

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