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Struggle for Glory

Credit: Joseph Campbell

So many of us walk through life with the expectation that life will be better if a certain event happens. Events such as making a million dollars, winning a competition, paying off a debt, hitting 65 to retire, losing 10 lbs., or getting that big promotion, after that, life will be just peachy. While all of those are respectable events, it is with 100% certainty you will search for your next struggle very soon after. Imagine making a ton of money, or winning a certain big award. You will be happy at first but not for long. Learning to struggle well, not avoiding it, is the secret. If your goals in life are big enough and inspiring enough, you will not be deterred when the struggle finds you. In this process you come out the other end smarter, stronger, and a better person. In Joseph Campbells book A Hero's Journey he describes this as the road of trials and the Abyss. After the goal is completed you will have metamorphosed and achieved your ultimate boon. At which you will soon enter a new cycle..... a call to a new adventure.

I just finished a great podcast with Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg and while I am not a huge fan of Mark I did take a few things away from the end of the interview. Lex asked Mark; what is the key to a happy life? Mark said having something to continually look forward too and surround yourself with great people everyday. These two things will give you enough energy to get through the trials.

With that said, if you appreciate the struggle with open arms, enter the Abyss, you will emerge out the other end a beautiful new version of YOU and will have successfully metamorphosed.

In health,

- Josh

P.S. Our interview with Mizar Fuentes on the Co-Movement Gym Podcast is a great motivator for those on that call to adventure.

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