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Looking to work with a female trainer at Co-Movement?

Co-Movement is thrilled to announce our newest member on our training staff, Liz Neidhart. Liz completed the Co-Movement 12-week trainers training program, is trained by trainer Andrew Cieply weekly, and is a certified N.A.S.M. certified strength coach. Liz is working with individuals who are at the beginner level and want to focus on strengthening their core, upper and lower body, in addition to improving mobility and decreasing pain and tightness. Liz has already been booked for 10+ sessions a week so her availability will become more limited as time goes on.

To learn more about working with Liz at Co-Movement email

Keep moving, keep dreaming,


P.S. Looking for sound advice on taking your training to another level? Listen to our latest podcast chat

Full episode can be found here

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