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My Experience Doing A 3-Day Water Only Fast

A small group of us decided to do a 3 day, water only fast to jump off 2021 with a clean running system! I'm not going to dive into the hundreds of benefits (autophagy, lowered inflammation, cellular repair, stem cell activation, mitochondrial biogenesis etc) as I'm not the expert but possibly our nutrition guru Andy Cieply can chime in with a blog post at some point highlighting that.

Random notes are below of my experience.

Started 12/31/20 @ 8:00 PM, Hour 0- bodyweight 165.

Full of meat, veggies and chocolate.

First "selfie". Felt like a tool taking the picture but wanted to track any aesthetic changes.

Day 1: Woke up at 7:30 AM. This is late for me but its when I naturally woke up. Went for a nice walk 8:30-9:30. At 9:30 I started thinking about venison jerky and making breakfast. Routine is a tough thing to break but I will be freeing up about 2 hours a day without meal prep, dishes and actual eating! Overall throughout day one, I did not think of eating much at all. I met up with Andy at the gym and he advised to supplement sea salt in your water and some trace minerals, both gave me a big spark in energy. Day one = easy.

9:30 AM torture thought

Day 2: Woke up at 7:30 AM. Hour 24- Bodyweight 160 (down 5 lbs)

Felt great. Had enough strength to carry my eldery dog at 76lbs down a flight of stairs and outside for his morning routine. My cognition is very clear which I attribute to all the blood being in my brain not my stomach from digesting food. I started the day with 16 oz of water with sea salt and trace minerals. Then as the morning progressed 2 cups of green tea. I started some homeade bone broth for Sunday Night when I can eat at the 72 hour mark. Bone broth is a great way to break the fast and reintroduce some amazing nutrients back to your gut. I had two servings of turmeric tea and more trace minerals as the day went on. I threw in some pushups, air squats, pull-ups, 1k Row, and foam rolling to get the blood flowing, nothing hard. Day 2 = successful.

These were chasing me during my dreams the first night

Day 3: I woke up at 7:30 again. Hour 48- Bodyweight 160.

Lots of energy and mind flowing with creative thoughts. Very limited thoughts of food which is great because my smoked broth brewing away smells damn good. Started the day with 12 ounces of sparkling water, trace minerals, and sea salt. Followed up by a nice glass of green tea. No exercise today but ensured to get outside for a dose of fresh air. Around 1:00 PM I started wanting to eat but I stayed busy with work tasks and went for a nice drive.

After Picture: 3 days of only drinking water.

Just kidding, more like this...

Hour 72- bodyweight 158

I broke my fast with bone broth, cabbage, venison and avocado. I wasn't able to eat a lot because I filled up quickly.

I won't lie, I thought about my 90% Lindt dark chocolate A LOT but never caved in.

For someone who enjoys cooking and eating good food as much as me, I fully believe anyone can do a 3 day water fast. I feel amazing, light, and high energy levels. I can't thank Andy enough for pushing me to jump in and do it. Ill be doing 2 of these per year moving forward. The benefits of fasting are numerous as you see many high level performers fast on a regular basis. Good news is our nutrition expert Andy Cieply is hosting a nutrition challenge to help kick off 2021with a 2 hour zoom education seminar and then a 21 day challenge.

Date: 1/16 Saturday - Zoom

Time: 10:00 AM

For $25 participants will have access to the following....

  • Email access with Andy for tips and advice throughout the 21 days

  • Access to our closed facebook group where members can share advice, tips, and ask questions

  • Access to the 2 hour zoom education call

  • The do's and the don'ts with nutrition. Andy's approach reverse engineers your mindset compared to most traditional "diets".

  • Important tips that will determine if your fast (if you choose to do one) is successful or not.

Whether you want to lose weight, put on muscle, improve digestion, increase energy levels, detox, or just try something new, the information gained with hearing Andy talk for 2 hours will set you years ahead.

Last year we had an amazing turnout for our live event.

This year with it being virtual, and on a Saturday, we expect a great turnout.

To reserve your spot email

See you there!

"One of the ways in which co-movement has influenced me in a big way is to change my relationship with what I put in my body. I came to the program with some bad eating and drinking habits, and while I’m still no saint, I’ve improved the inputs over time and seen results. Andy’s low-carb, intermittent fasting protocol is a game changer for weight loss and insulin resistance. I’ve dropped 25 of the 50lbs I need to lose (mostly in the last 12 months), I’m no longer pre-diabetic, I’ve improved my insulin resistance, and I’m excited to see the rest of the weight gone!" -- Matt W

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