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May Client of the Month

Congratulations to David Gleeson for being nominated the Co-Movement Client of the month. David and I met almost 4 years ago through his parents who are both members within our community. Its hard to put into words this young mans work ethic and personality. Its cliche to say David is ",self motivated", "hardworking" in many cases those are phrases tossed around without true meaning. He transcends those traits. He starting tumbling classes at 4 years old and has competed in gymnastics since 4th grade. His training volume exceeds 20 hours a week, plus school, plus homework, plus studying, and finding time to be a kid. To be 100% transparent, Co-Movement DID NOT build David, he was a finely tuned athlete upon finding us. Our role in his pursuit to collegiate gymnastics has been to provide supplementary framework and training to help improve his routines. What David was looking for was in depth program design knowledge and we were able to combine that with his work ethic for a nice long lasting relationship. Congrats to David!

How did you hear about Co-Movement?

        I found out through my father. Before Co-Movement was created my father was working out at Garage Gym that was owned by Josh. I decided to start coming in to workout. As time went on I got to know Josh really well. Josh told me that he was working on building and opening up a new gym. He said that the name of it would be Co-Movement. Through working out at garage gym with Josh I found out about Co-Movement through him.

Tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Co-Movement, when did you start?

        As a young boy I have always been active. I started in tumbling classes for gymnastics, but as I grew I became in love with the sport of competitive gymnastics. I have been competing since 4th grade and haven’t stopped since. Always being active was important to me. The rigorous and demanding schedule was a part of me. What brought me to Co-Movement was firstly my father who introduced it to me and after that it just stuck I kept coming in hungry for more. When I first started I would just come in and do what I wanted to do, but as time went on I started programming with Josh. We would talk about some target areas I wanted to work and get stronger. But the main thing that made me start was my handstand. I couldn’t hold a handstand to save my life. It's a fundamental in the sport of gymnastics. It took me a whole summer to work on it and figure it out. But in the end it was all worth it. I started holding my handstands for a minute. Starting at Co-Movement was probably one of the best things I could have ever done.

What is your favorite music to listen to when you are moving?

        Probably pop because it really helps me move and I can feel the music. Also, it’s fun and get’s my body in the groove. Moving reminds me of a dance so listening to pop definitely helps me move better.

Name one favorite meal or snack that you enjoy the most?

        My favorite meal is definitely different types of bowls. For example a bowl with rice, sweet potatoes, some veggies, and chicken. I might have that for lunch or dinner depending on what we have in the house. My favorite snack is carrots and humus. These are good healthy options and I highly recommend them to anyone. Plus you can mix up the bowls and put ingredients that you like in them.

What is your most memorable moment at Co-Movement?

        Probably meeting Josh for the first time. He is always motivated and it made me motivated when I came in to workout. But the most memorable moment was when Josh wanted to learn a straddle press from the floor. He always asked for tips and things that he could do to achieve that goal. I did everything I could to help him achieve it. Watching Josh’s progress and journey towards that goal was so inspiring. It just shows that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I can remember him saying "I’m going to have that straddle press from the floor." Josh worked so hard on that skill, and in the end he finally achieved his goal. I was so proud of him and it made me feel so excited like I felt when I first got my straddle press from the floor. That was such a memorable moment.

What would you tell someone looking at joining Co-Movement?

        My advice would be give it a shot. Co-Movement has some of the best trainers I know of. They are truly motivating and definitely have your best interest. They want to see you achieve your goals and they will go out of their way to make that happen for you. The community is also great, people interact with one another, and friendships are made that will last. This community is positive and it motivates everyone to work hard to get wherever they want to be. If you are interested in giving Co-Movement a shot. Do it! What do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose. Actually you have a lot to gain on an opportunity like this. Join Co-Movement today and achieve your goals!

Lastly, I want to thank Josh for selecting me as client of the month. This truly means a lot to me. I hope everyone is staying safe during these tough times. We will all get through this together and it will make us stronger. Thank you Josh. Stay safe everyone.

David's 2020 Highlights

Have a great weekend!


Extra Extra:

P.S. Remote Programming is a growing service we offer at Co-Movement. What is included? We design your monthly workouts for you based on your goals and abilities. Then we email them to you each month with videos attached. You are free to complete them at home or a facility of your choice. This option gives structure and professional guidance to those wanting to make serious improvements in their health and physical abilities. We offer free phone consultations to decide if the program is a good fit for you! Email

P.S.+ Looking for an immunity booster, stress reducer and anti-viral? Chaga Tea is full of antioxidants and a super-food many of us at Co-Movement drink during the cold winter months.

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