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Feeding the Chickens

Pasture Raised Chicken Store

Our Promise To Customers: 

  • Our livestock never receive anti-biotics, steroids', growth hormones or mysterious liquid solutions.

  • Organic certified soils, no sprays, or chemicals

  • 100% pasture raised, happy as nature intended 

  • Our poultry roam outdoors and receive supplemented organic, non-gmo feed.

  • Free delivery for orders over $200 within 10 miles of zip 13425

  • On Farm pick up by appointment, email

  • Combine orders with friends and family to receive the best prices.

  • Support Regenerative Agriculture making our soil, water and air cleaner and sustainable long term. 


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Member Feedback: 

"Tried the burgers, dude, those were so damn good, wow, probably the best burgers we have ever had". Matt

"The Delmonico steaks are mega awesome, the eggs continue to impress and I made some blue cheese, sea salt burgers this week and they blew me away!" Vin 

" The meat is far superior to anything we have purchased in the past, specifically the quality and flavor." John 

" We made a spicy Indian dish last night with the pastured chicken and it was great!" Steph 

"The chicken and beef has been amazing thus far!". Lou

" We love the meat, and have been a customer for 5 years!" Bonnie

Free Range Poultry Farm
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