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These birds are raised on pasture and consume grubs, bugs and non gmo feed. They cook beautifully in the oven at 400 degrees for around 75 minutes. If you want the best tasting chicken on the planet, I recommend purchasing a smoker. Cook the bird at 275-300 degrees for around 2 hours with apple, or mesquite wood chips.


For those that want to double the value of your broiler chicken purchase, you can use the fresh leftover bones to make bone broth. Just toss the leftovers in a crockpot with salt, apple cider vinegar and your favorite seasonings and in just 24 hours you will have around 100 ounces of amazing bone broth for the week! Perfect to drink on a cold day, or make soup with!



Approximatley 7-10 servings per bird. 




Pasture Raised Chicken 

Whole Broiler Chicken

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