Andrew has passionately pursued health and wellness for nearly 20 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Utica College and a Physical Therapist Assistant license from HCCC. He loves educating, and helping people find new ways to look at their health and movement potential. Andrew’s interests outside of the gym include a love of rock climbing, hiking, and camping in the Adirondacks.



Jake has been exploring the world of strength, mobility and endurance training for the past decade through multiple disciplines such as adventure racing, Crossfit and the Ido Portal Method. His passion is to pass on his knowledge of movement and holistic health with the goal of helping people move better and feel better. He enjoys gardening as well as learning about native plants and foraging which allows him to stay in touch with nature.



Jessica is beginning her tenth year as an English as a Second Language teacher teaching language skills to students from a range of countries.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with concentrations in Adolescent Education (grades 7-12) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12).  She received her Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Language.  Jessica most recently completed a fellowship with Life Project Ed in Costa Rica and learned more about holistic education.  She values creating an environment to foster and nurture children’s passions and purpose, and believes in the mission to help children develop and discover themselves so they can contribute to their communities in a meaningful way.  She is also a part time coach and values living a life of health and wellness along with the important roles they play in education.   Jessica enjoys hiking, rock climbing, cooking, traveling, and spending time in nature.




Steve is an exercise enthusiast and family man that is always honing his craft as a coach. He is a recent graduate of the Co-Movement trainers coaching program.  When Steve is not coaching he is outside playing with his children and wife, gardening or hunting.  



Juliana began her study of human movement over 16 years ago as a massage therapist.  However, as a high school athlete, her interest in the body and its physical capabilities quickly taught her the power the mind has on our perception and perspective of those abilities.  So her journey into the powerful connection between the mind, body, and movement really began at an early age.

Juliana is the Director of Co-Movement Mohawk Valley in Marcy, NY.  She is also a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher, certified Roll Model Method Practitioner, and certified Animal Flow® Instructor.

Using functional movement, breath, and her knowledge of anatomy, Juliana teaches individuals and groups movement practices that allow them to dive into their own bodies to decrease pain, prevent injury, and increase performance  She loves to be a student and is continually learning and furthering her knowledge in all areas of movement and health - both mental and physical.



If there was one thing to get Josh out of bed each day it would be inspiring people to live more exciting lives through movement and adventure. He attended Utica College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Law and then entered into the insurance industry. At the age of 24 he quickly realized the cubicle life was not for him and started planning a new career around his true passion, movement. After a short period of time personal training clients for free in the basement of a YMCA he grew his following.Eventually Josh gained the courage to quit the 9-5 lifestyle and coach full time. He built a small 900 square foot facility in Upstate NY and coincidentally called it Garage Gym. For the next 7 years him and his team coached hundreds of clients there and grew an amazing community. As the vision and mission of the brand grew, the name later evolved to Co-Movement. 


Josh lives the brand mantra Move and Live Courageously, and is continually inspired by the risk takers, and unconventional individuals who value health, movement, and adventure. 




Tammy has spent 30 years as a Health and Physical Education teacher, and also time as the Colgate University Assistant cross country coach, Hamilton Coach Assistant woman’s soccer coach, Utica college assistant cross country coach, and the Boilermaker Training program coordinator in Waterville NY. She is also the co-founder of Fit Kids Fit Future, a Health and Physical Education start-up. Tammy brings a vast array of experience to Co-Movement and her diverse group of remote coaching clients. In her free time you will find her running through the mountains in her hometown Hood River Oregon and sipping a quality craft beer.

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Erin has a passion for coaching kids in all aspects of athletics and fitness. She brings a diverse range of personal and professional experience to Co-Movement, helping people to look, feel, and achieve their best. She is the Head Coach of the Waterville PeeWee Eagles cheer program where she grew the program to new heights over the past four years. She brought the team to four Tri-Valley Championships, a Grand Champion Title, and to the Eastern Regional competition in New Jersey. Erin loves to see the kids she coaches, who once had limited skills, accomplish things they never dreamed possible. She witnesses kids not only bettering their physical health, but also their mental health and confidence. Erin was instrumental in organizing an All-Star Cheer team at Valley Gymnastics where she is currently a coach, and is now developing a Rec-Cheer program there. Erin attended Utah State University where she majored in music on a scholarship for playing the trumpet. Years later she attended cosmetology school, graduating from Phillips Institute, in Syracuse. She is a licensed cosmetologist and is a small business owner of Vogue Hair Studio and Head Over Heels Athletics. She keeps active at home with her husband, five kids, and three dogs (two 180 lb. mastiffs Moose and Bella, and boxer, Dexter). She also loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.