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September Client of the Month

Congratulations to Brittany for being nominated the September Co-Movement client of the month! Brittany has been part of the Co-Movement community for 6 months and under the training of her coach Steve Evans has seen tremendous results! Brittany balances work, and 2 kids all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and commitment to her health! Cheers to many more milestones! Congrats !!!

How did you hear about Co-Movement?

Honestly, Google. One day I started doing online searches for gyms, personal training etc. I didn't really know what I was looking for but, I did know that I wanted something different than anything I had done before.

Tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Co-Movement, when did you start?

I was an athlete in HS and I've always missed that part of my life. I now have two little boys whom I absolutely adore but, it changed my body a lot. Then I lost my little sister in April 2018 and I hit rock bottom. After struggling with the loss, I knew that I needed to start living for myself first and then I could become the person that I needed to be. In February 2020 I began at Co-Movement and it's been even better than I could've imagined. I've enjoyed working out, eating healthier and sleeping better; because of Co-Movement, I have become the mother, wife and person that I wanted to be.

What is your favorite music you listen to when you are moving?

I love all kinds of music, mostly Country, Pop and a little Rock. When I'm training with Steve, he picks the music and I'm always good with his choices!

Name one favorite meal or snack that you enjoy the most.

One of my favorite snacks is a smoothie bowl! I often have one in place of lunch or after dinner if I'm craving ice cream or something. I like to mix fruits but, my favorites are strawberry and banana. I also add yogurt, flaxseed and acai maqui bowl mix. Then I top it with granola from Safe+Fair, coconut flakes and my newfound love ... Nutella!

What is your most memorable moment at Co-Movement?

I think my most memorable moment, so far, was one of my recent training sessions with Steve. I was

doing weighted squats and, each round, we added more weight. I was surprised at how much weight I was actually able to handle. Then I did drop-sets and it was definitely challenging! But, Steve was really encouraging the whole time and I finished feeling really really good about that session.

What would you tell someone looking at joining Co-Movement?

Take the leap! I know how it feels to wonder whether or not you should join a gym and if you should get a trainer or maybe you could just do it in a month or two or six. Do it! Do it for yourself, do it for your family. If the cost is scary, think of the little things that you could cut out each month - you'd be surprised at what you can come up with. Don't wait another day, you won't regret it!!

2020 does not have to come to a close being a year that you "fell off track". You can look back in January 2021 with 4 months of training under your belt and be light years ahead of the generic New Years crowd. Today is better than tomorrow. If you are committed and serious about your health we would love to hear about the goals you want to pursue. Email us at

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