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Coronavirus Survival Guide

Hello fellow Co-Movement friends!  Its quite obvious things are chaotic out there right now!  I hope this finds everyone healthy and safe! This virus has caused the economy to come to a screeching halt but that does not mean your SELF-CARE should diminish. With gyms closed, stress high, and the unknown truly UNKNOWN  I wanted to put together a quick survival guide. 

For those working out at home here is a brief list of potent equipment that provides a huge bang for your buck.  At home workouts:  Gymnastic Rings- Hundreds of exercises, full body strength.  Jump Rope- Hundreds of workouts, aerobic conditioning  Pull up bar- Daily hanging, chin ups, a place to hang your rings  For those spending additional time in the kitchen trying to keep your immune system strong here are some suggestions.  Nutrition:  Chaga Tea- Super Immune Booster  Protein Powder- Plant based with probiotics  MCT Oil- Healthy Fats, perfect for Bulletproof Coffee For those that are stressed, have high anxiety or can not sleep, try these.... Sleep:  RELAX- The best sleep supplement on the market  Magnesium- The one supplement I do not go without For those that believe the zombies are coming, here are some must have items.... Apocalypse:  High Quality Generator- Family owned, runs like a champ.  Meat Smoker - I own this, makes unbelievable meat/veggies, a 20 lb propane tank last an entire summer For those that just want to laugh, relax and enjoy your time "off", these items have provided high levels of happiness to me.... General happiness: Lord of the Rings book set- let your imagination take over with this timeless classic  Learn to Juggle- brain health, and fun hobby  Dawn Wall Movie- A mind blowing effort to rock climb one of the worlds hardest routes.  Tiny Homes: Dream about the simple life living in a custom made tiny home., mortgage free!  

Grand Tetons Jackson WY

Take these next few weeks to dial in your self care.

Remember full self care is made up of sleep, food, social connection and movement!!!

Affiliate Note: Some of these companies happen to offer commissions for online referrals. Other ones don’t. This doesn’t affect my choice, but where available, I made point of using the right type of link so that this blog will get a credit if you end up purchasing a product. It’s a nice and fully optional way to help out this blog if you choose to do so while securing some new and useful products!

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