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Co-Mo Collective #7

Hello all! Thank you for joining us and tapping into our Co-Mo Collective Series! Here is what we are spending time, energy and thoughts on geared towards optimizing a life of moving and living courageously!

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Photo of the week- JG Bennett: Transformation

Weekly Workout:

10 - 1 Ladder

Push ups or Ring push ups

Kettlebell swings


Row 110 calories


10 - 1 Ladder

Pushups or Ring push ups

Kettlebell swings

*Perform 10 Push ups, 10 Kettlebell swings, 9/9, 8/8 etc... *

Time to beat = 19:16

Quote Im pondering

“Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Catholicism without hell.” Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital

What Im reading, listening, watching or eating: Contributed by Jessica Lewis

Even though we may be 'social distancing,' use this time to prioritize and reflect on meaning that comes from the connections and relationships in your life. Maybe you have time now to journal, cook and try new recipes, read, try a new project (small or big), or maybe your project is self care. You decide and focus on what to do with the time.

This TED talk is an excellent analysis on "happiness", enjoy!

Random: Contributed by Jessica Lewis

Happy Earth Day! Earth is our one and only home and provides us with so much, well everything actually. It is our responsibility today (and everyday) to do all we can to protect and preserve Earth and its resources. Some simple ways to celebrate:

1) Spend time outside in nature: It's there and available to us even now when everything else is closed. “There are many reasons to walk for exercise,” says Ann Green, M.S., past heptathlon world athlete, yoga teacher and fitness studio owner. “Walking improves fitness,cardiac health, alleviates depression and fatigue, improves mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, can prevent weight gain, reduce risk for cancer and chronic disease, improve endurance, circulation, and posture, and the list goes on…” NBC News

2) Plant a tree or garden. Watching something grow is rewarding, watching something grow and then consuming it is a primal practice that more of the population should be partaking in.

3) Watch a Disney Nature movie: There are a lot of them but the two new ones are "Elephant" and "Dolphin Reef." The new ones are available on Disney Plus. Older ones are available on Amazon and other places.

4) Clean up your backyard, street, or area: Go for a walk (with a bag and gloves) and pick up litter in your area now that it's more visible in the spring.

5) Earth Day craft (fun for adults and kids): Make a reusable bag out of an old t-shirt.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


P.S One of the best ways to get quality vegetables without breaking your bank account is buying a CSA share from a local organic farm.  You would also be supporting a local business!!  For locals, Common Thread is an organic CSA option in Madison, NY.  

P.S.+ ATTENTION: New clients or returning clients please ensure you have confirmed your training package and time slots with us. Due to the temporary shut down we will be working hard to rebuild and reserve a training schedule and package that best suits your needs, the sooner you get this finalized the better. Email or call 315-404-1128. We look forward to crushing the remaining of 2020 with you!

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