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Co-Mo Collective #33

Hello all! Thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our health and fitness insights. Our hope is that our content inspires you to move and live courageously!

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Photo(s) of the Month:

4th lake sunrise

A is A Health Podcast Guest Jeff Hull

Where was this picture taken?

David Gleeson was awarded the "Best New Cadet" at the New Mexico Military Academy

Jacob Barth Freshman Year at Castleton University in VT

Brookfield State Land Bike Ride: Dave and Susan Gleeson

Monthly Workout/Challenge: Hanging Tee-shirt Challenge:

This challenge is simple but not easy. While hanging from a pull-up bar your goal is to take your shirt off, then put it back on, without coming off the bar. Good luck!

Community Highlight:

Jonescapes Landscaping: Paul and his team have mowed our lawn for 2 years, keeping things looking perfect. His team is professional and does amazing work. If you are looking for a patio, landscaping, lawn mowing or plowing, this is your team.

Client Highlight: Caleb Decker

Congratulations to Caleb for defending his title as Club Champion at Seven Oaks Golf Club!

Caleb is a dedicated client that trains with trainer Jake Wratten. He is an accomplished golfer, hunter and overall awesome guy!

Quote I'm Pondering:

"Courage is the standing army of the soul which keeps it from conquest, pillage and slavery."

-Henry Van Dyke

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

I have always been frustrated with the supplement industry with hidden chemicals, low quality, and unsure of what to trust or not. After all, supplements are expensive and are designed to make you healthier NOT sicker. I recently discovered the company Native Path, owned by Dr. Chad Walding and after thorough research I decided to reach out to the company and ask them some questions about the quality of their supplements. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. On top of that they mailed me 5 different supplements to try. (3 of which I was already taking from a different company.) Their collagen product (for joint strength, digestion and skin care) is from grassfed sources, sugar, dairy and gluten free. I put it in my smoothies, bone broth and in my coffee. Its an amazing product and highly recommended. Next month Ill chat about another supplement of theirs I am seeing great results with. The next time you buy supplements remember that the supplement industry is UNREGULATED, meaning you should know the quality and the true ingredients in your products or you just as well should be eating cardboard.

Follow the link below to see all of Native Path's Pure Grass-Fed, Organic, Clean Supplements and use the AisA15 code at checkout for 15% off your order now and in the future!

A is A Podcast:

Lots of new guests and exciting conversations have happened over the last month! Tune into our YouTube channel, website or find the A is A Health podcast on all major platforms. Subscribe, share and comment!

What's for sale on the Farm?

We are excited to announce Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida will be jumping on board for a delivery location, once a month. We will be combining them with Garage Gym Oneida and the pick-up with be in the freezer located in Lombardi Chiropractic's office, making things easier for everyone since both businesses are like 20 feet apart. Thank you for the support!

I am super psyched to let you know that we just confirmed having Dr. Sina McCullough on our A is A podcast! Dr. McCullough is the co-author of the book Beyond Labels, wrote with one of the worlds most influential farmers Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm in Virginia (whos been on Joe Rogans podcast 2x) . This podcast will be released around the end of November, so be on the lookout either on our website or Youtube channel

Drop Locations:

  • Yoga Shala in Clinton : Host, Man Hue

  • Mohawk Valley Wellness in Marcy : Host, Vin Cannarelli

  • Garage Gym in Oneida: Host, Bob Galinski

  • Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida Host : Peter Lombardi

Next drop date: October 20th.

We have had some questions about the Farmacy Food Shed, so I will address them here:

1) You do NOT need to be a member for chicken, produce or egg sales. So if you prefer to purchase on-site, go right ahead. You can leave your money in the basket. If you order online before hand, we will have your order labeled with your name on it by Thursday of the week you ordered.

2) You DO need to be a member to purchase beef/pork. You can easily do this by completing this form and paying our one time $25 member fee (which is refundable).

3) Why do you need to be a member to purchase beef/pork? Because of lovely USDA requires direct sales of beef or pork be either USDA stamped OR you must be a partial owner of the livestock. The cool thing is, we figured out all the behind the scenes process and integrated everything online, making it a one-time process and then you are locked in.

4) Currently we have chicken for sale on site. We are working at getting a fridge in there for eggs and our local honey. Next season the shed will be fully outfitted with organic produce, goat soap, and a variety of cool local products.


Beef Liver- 2lb packages (organ meat is a superfood!)

Chicken Soup Bones- 4lb packages (perfect for chicken soup!)

Interested in purchasing a 1/2 pig? Our pastured pigs are raised on pasture, fed leftover produce and organic mixed grains. A 1/2 pig yields approx. 100lb of bacon, ham, pork chops, ribs and sausage! Available for pre-order now. Ready the end of October.

You can now place your early bird reservations for your pasture raised Thanksgiving turkey.

Site password is Freedomfood

Our turkeys are 100% raised on pasture and organic feed. Zero mysterious liquid filler solutions, zero steroids', zero chemicals and a high quality of life.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones knowing you are consuming healthy meat and supporting our local farm!

  • $5.00/lb.

  • $50 deposit to reserve your turkey, remaining balance due at the time of pickup. Farm pick-up only.

  • 14-21lb turkeys are available.

We have a limited batch each year, so reserve your turkey soon.


  • 100% Pasture Raised Turkey

Co-Movement News:

Co-Movement is hiring! Want a kick ass job that you can have a balanced life with? How about be immersed in an environment that is happy, proactive and positive? 87% of people dislike their day-to-day jobs. It doesn't have to be that way. While our process to becoming a trainer is quite in-depth, the results are unparalleled and you build a future that is successful and rewarding. Learn more about opportunities at the link below.

In health,


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