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Co-Mo Collective #32

Hello all! Thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our health and fitness insights. Our hope is that our content inspires you to move and live courageously!

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Photo(s) of the Month:

A is A podcast guest Alyssa Godsky completed all 46 Adirondack High Peaks in just 3 days, 16 hours, 16 minutes

Asher completing one of his 47 Adirondack open water swims @ Newcomb Lake

Client Corey is down 40lbs since starting at Co-Movement and working with trainer Jake.

Monthly Workout/Challenge: Can you tread water for 10 minutes?

Treading water is an important skill to keep sharp, as your life may depend on it. Imagine your boat on a small lake sinks and you drown because you didn't know how to tread water waiting a few minutes for help, not fun. Its also a great fitness challenge. Simply enter a body of water that is over your head, and start treading water and don't stop until you hit 10 minutes. I'd recommend staying close to shore or having a spotter if you are in the middle of the lake.

A is A Podcast Guest Highlight:

Courtney Townley, founder of Grace and Grit, was recently a guest on the A is A podcast. Courtney helps women from all over the world to reclaim their health and happiness. This amazing episode will be launching 8/23 and is a must listen for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.

Community Highlight:

I am a big fan of thrift stores. Recently we stumbled upon a thrift store located in the back of Parry's Hardware in Hamilton. The clothes are basically new (many Colgate students wear for one year and then take them in) and are priced between $1.00 - $2.50. There is a great kids selection too. Last week we got 5 button down men's shirts, 3 summer dresses, a new pair of Polo shoes and 3 kids shirts for $35. If you like bargains, this is the place!

Quote I'm Pondering:

“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” - Aung San Suu Kyi

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

In Beyond Labels, Joel Salatin, a farmer who is blazing the trail for regenerative farm practices, and Sina McCullough, a Ph.D. in Nutrition who actually understands unpronounceable carbon chains, bring you on a journey from generally unhealthy food and farming to an ultimately healing place.

Through compelling discussions leavened with a dose of humor, they share practical and easily doable tips about:

•What to eat

•How to find it and prepare it

•How to save money and time in the kitchen

•How to stay true to your principles in our modern culture

A is A Podcast:

NEW AND EXCITING podcast episodes are up on our YouTube channel and most major media platforms! We appreciate all the amazing feedback from people and glad you are finding our podcast informational and motivational! We have had some amazing conversations with great guests over the last few weeks, enjoy! Much more to come!

What's for sale on the Farm?

Lots of stuff going on at the Farm which makes for busy but fun days. The Farmacy Shed is wired and ready to be insulated. We decided on insulating and finishing off the inside as we plan on keeping it open year round. We are in the process of doubling the size of our organic wood chip garden for next year and our neighbor Harold has built a hoop house, so next years organic vegetables and fruit should be plentiful for those shopping at the Farmacy. Our grass-fed beef is now available. Our first deliveries to our drop sites, Mohawk Valley Wellness, Yoga Shala and Garage Gym Oneida are set for 8/26. Please remember to select the correct delivery location at checkout.


Those purchasing beef and/or pork MUST fill out our member form and pay the one-time $25 fee. Filling this form out and joining as an official member keeps us in compliance with the regulating bodies. Their rules and regulations are not in our control so we highly appreciate your cooperation with this.

Monday and Tuesday are order day, so please place orders by then if you want your product the same week.

You can now place your early bird reservations for your pasture raised Thanksgiving turkey. Site password is Freedomfood

Our turkeys are 100% raised on pasture and organic feed. Zero mysterious liquid filler solutions, zero steroids', zero chemicals and a high quality of life. Celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones knowing you are consuming healthy meat and supporting our local farm!

  • $5.00/lb.

  • $50 deposit to reserve your turkey, remaining balance due at the time of pickup. Farm pick-up only.

  • 17-25lb turkeys are available.

We have a limited batch each year, so reserve your turkey soon.


100% Pasture Raised Turkey

Co-Movement News:

We are accepting new private clients for select time slots. If you are committed and want to take your health and fitness to the next level, reach out to us! Our two primary service's are private/semi-private coaching where you can spend your time getting in an amazing workout designed exactly for your abilities or spend the time discussing nutrition education and lifestyle. Clients 2nd training option is programming. If you are autonomous, out of the area or just want to workout when/wherever is convenient, this program is for you. You receive monthly workouts crafted to your goals, assessment results and abilities. Each month clients receive new monthly workout plans as they progress. Email to receive a free consultation to review what option will work best for you.



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