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Co-Mo Collective #29: Community Highlights, Free Workout and MORE!

Co-Mo Collective #29:

Hello all! Thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our health and fitness insights. Our hope is that our content inspires you to move and live courageously!

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Photo of the Month: Brookfield State Land Mountain Bike "Trek"

Monthly Workout: We listened to our readers and the overwhelmingly majority requested workouts that were more beginner friendly and less "beast mode". Thank you for the feedback! Your requests will be fulfilled.

A1. Chin-Up Lock Off Hold 10-12 sec x 6 rest 1 min

A2. Downward Dog Handstand Push-Up 4-6 x 6 rest 1 min

B1. Floor Assisted Rope Climb 1-3 trips up and down x 4 rest 1 min

B2. Barbell Cuban Rotation 5 x 4 rest 1 min

C. 200 Jump ropes for time: Goal is no mistakes

Challenge of the Month: Kettlebell Workout

This months challenge involves two things, a kettlebell and an awareness around your breathing.

This workout is designed to test your ability to consciously count your breaths during a rest period. This is an important skill set as it bring awareness to your breathing patterns and its efficiency.


Kettlebell Swing Reps/ Rest Breaths


9, 2

8, 3

7, 4

6, 5

5, 6

4, 7

3, 8

2, 9

1, 10

2, 9

3, 8

4, 7

5, 6

6, 5

7, 4

8, 3

9, 2

10, 1

- Example: Perform 10 swings, 1 breath rest/ Perform 9 swings, 2 breath rest/ Perform 8 swings, 3 breath rest, etc etc....

- The weight you choose to swing is up to you, it will vary based on your ability.

Good luck!

Community Highlight:

Last week as my wife and I were driving on Route 315 in Deansboro there was a sign by the Boro Bar that said Strawberry Patch and Greenhouse. Intrigued, we drove behind the old Yellow train station building and up a hill and we discovered quite a remarkable place, called Blunts Berries. A family owned farm that offers strawberries, hanging baskets, potted flowers, succulents, tomatoes and much more. In chatting with the owner Bob and his son (a 3rd year Horticulture major at Morrisville College) I got the sense that they were extremely passionate about their product, farm and growing customer base. There greenhouses and flowers looked amazing! I recommend visiting this hidden gem!

Blunts Berries:

2705 State Route 315

Deansboro NY 13328.

Hours: 9-5 Monday-Sunday

Phone: 315-404-4574

Client Highlight:

New York State Wrestling Committee organized a virtual tournament for former wrestlers across the state and one of Co-Movements long time client and close friend Dave Gleeson was nominated to be in the tournament. Each week people voted for who they thought would win in a wrestling match. As the weeks progressed Dave kept winning and finally made it to the finals defeating his opponent taking first place. There was a total of 154 wrestlers in his weight class that started the tournament. Quite the impressive accomplishment, congrats Dave! Results Dave Gleesons Wrestling Background: Wrestled Varsity 1980,81,82,83 Record: 108-5-2 NYS Champ 1982

Quote I'm Pondering:

" An organic farmer is the best peacemaker today, because there is more violence, more death, more destruction, more wars, through a violent industrial agricultural system. And to shift away from that into an agriculture of peace is what organic farming is doing."

- Vandana Shiva

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

As most of you know I watch little to no T.V. as I feel there are so many other amazing things to be doing BUT once in a while a show comes along that I truly enjoy. The last series I was into was The Office, but after 10+ people kept recommending I watch Yellowstone I gave it a whirl and all I can say is they were correct, the show is unbelievable. The show demonstrates family loyalty, savagery, courage, and a true commitment to a generational legacy. I highly recommend it!

P.S. The are releasing Season 4 this June!

A is A Podcast:

Over the last month we have dived into numerous topics with our podcast and uploaded 4 new episodes. We thank everyone for subscribing and sending us your positive comments!

If you have a question you want addressed for during a podcast, let us know! Email If you have a topic suggestion or would like to be on the show, lets chat!

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Our podcast is also on all the major Podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Stitcher, iHeart etc)

What's for Sale on the Farm?

Our pasture raised chicks have spent the last week acclimating a few hours a day to their outside hotel. They love being out there scratching the ground, eating small bugs, breathing fresh air and roosting on small branches. This weekend we borrowed a "chicken tractor" from our Farmer Harold which allows us to move our chickens to a new fresh piece of grass each day. Harold has been using Chicken Tractors for 25+ years!

Each week we receive new pre-orders for those looking to purchase pasture raised chicken, 100% grass-fed beef or pastured pork. All our products can be found on our website page here. Email us to receive the member password.

One question we have been getting from people interested in buying meat from our Farm is "Can we order weekly versus in bulk?" The answer is YES. We understand not everyone has a chest freezer so weekly orders are perfectly fine.

All orders can be sent to .

This weeks media piece many of you will find very intriguing is Vandana Shivas talk about the future of food, Enjoy!

Our 100% Grassfed beef will be ready late summer!

We have heard from some people about their interest in purchasing a chest freezer so they are able to purchase meat in bulk and take advantage of that savings. Below are two freezers that received great reviews and are very affordable. We have the large 7 cubic feet one below and love it. Holds 1/4 cow, 2 deer, 15 chickens, and frozen blueberries with room to spare! Small Chest Freezer Large Chest Freezer KIDS: 81% of middle school students can no longer do a chin-up and 70% can not do one push-up! THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS FOLKS. Build strong children by signing them up at Head Over Heels Athletics !!



P.S. Do you have feedback or a question for us? We would love to hear from you! Ideas for a podcast, have a unique question, recommendation etc. Send them to and we will respond!

P.S.+ 150+ supporters have purchased a handmade, naturally harvested Beaver Stick in the last year supporting Golisanos Children's Hospital in Syracuse NY and Asher's College fund, grab yours today and be reminded that good health and happiness is a blessing!

Parrys Hardware in Hamilton supporting and selling Beaver Stickz!

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