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Hello all! Thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our health and fitness insights. Our hope is that our content inspires you to move and live courageously!

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Photo of the Month: Snowy Owl, Green Vedder Road, Deansboro NY.

Photo credit Adrianne Greer

Monthly Workout: We listened to our readers and the overwhelmingly majority requested workouts that were more beginner friendly and less "beast mode". Thank you for the feedback! Your requests will be fulfilled.

Warmup: -Ostrich Walk 50 steps x 2 -Crab Crawl 30 seconds x 2 -Air Squat hold 60 seconds x 2 + A1 DB Reverse Lunge 8/leg rest 30 sec x 4- You can use just your bodyweight also A2 Horse Stance hold 15-30 seconds x 4 B1 Get down get up 6 reps x 4 rest 1 min - start by standing, get down to the floor sitting on your butt and then stand again, you can not use your hands. Get creative! B2 Single Leg DB Deadlift 6-8/leg x 4 rest 1 min- try not to touch non-working leg on ground between reps for balance - you can use just your bodyweight for this. C Accumulate 30 reps Pike Leg Raises, resting as needed, keep your legs locked.

Challenge of the Month: The Ultimate Climbing Test This cool test was shared with me by Andy Cieply. You total these 4 events for 1 score and convert to a climbing grade. Its a fun test to see how you compare to real life climbing! If you are not a climber, 3 of the events are still a great test! Test #1 Supinated Pull-up Weighted, 1 Rep 1 Point = 100% (bodyweight) 2 Points = 110% 3 Points = 120% 4 Points = 130 % 5 Points = 140 % 6 Points = 150% 7 Points = 160% 8 Points = 180% 9 Points = 200% 10 Points = 220% Test #2 Hanging L-Sit and Front Lever 1 Point = 10 sec L-sit (bend knees, knee cap above hips) 2 Points = 20 sec L-sit (bend knees, knee cap above hips) 3 Points = 30 sec L-sit (bend knees, knee cap above hips) 4 Points = 10 sec L-sit (legs locked, feet above hips) 5 Points = 15 sec L-sit 6 Points = 20 sec L-sit 7 Points = 5 sec Full Front Lever 8 Points = 10 sec Full Front Lever 9 Points = 20 sec Full Front Lever 10 Points = 30 sec Full Front Lever Test #3- Hang from Bar 1 Point = 30 sec 2 Points = 1 min 3 Points = 1.5 min 4 Points = 2 min 5 Points = 2.5 min 6 Points = 3 min 7 Points = 3.5 min 8 Points = 4 min 9 Points = 5 min 10 Points = 6 min Test #4 (Optional) Max Finger Strength Weighted Hold Approx. 20 mm crimp (5 sec hold) - At HQ this is the bottom outside crimps. 1 Point = 100% (bodyweight) 2 Points = 110% 3 Points = 120% 4 Points = 130 % 5 Points = 140 % 6 Points = 150% 7 Points = 160% 8 Points = 180% 9 Points = 200% 10 Points = 220% Score/Points: 40=9c 39=9b+ 38=9b 37=9b 36=9a+ 35=9a+ 34=9a 33=9a 32=8c+ 31=8c+ 30=8c 29=8c 28=8b+ 27=8b+ 26=8b 25=8b 24=8a+ 23=8a+ 22=8a 21=8a 20=7c+ 19=7c+ 18=7c 17=7c 16=7b+ 15=7b+ 14=7b 13=7b 12=7a+ 11=7a+ 10=7a 9=7a 8=6c+ 7=6c+ 6=6c 5=6c 4=6b 3=6b 2=6a 1=6a Video demo and explanation here Let us know how you do, send us your score!!

Client Highlight: I wanted to share with you a list of goals for a soon to be 52 year old female client who has been with Co-Movement since April 2018. Possibly this will spark some ideas or inspiration within yourself! ------ A few thoughts I am pondering as I am approaching 52 years on this earth. I am not defined by what I cant do, rather what I can do at any moment in time. Things I must do in order to progress: 1) REST 2) Eliminate stress 3) Concentrate on finding more joy 4) Turn off the noise (social media) 5) Listen to my body, gut and mind. 6) Continue eating quality foods within my zone and season 7) Age with grace and strength 8) Continue moving To me 1-7 is a must to get me to continue #8. AMAZING INSIGHT!

Quote I'm Pondering:

“The world can only see us as we see ourselves.”

― David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating: VIDEO: The Real Pandemic - who benefits from our breakdown? Russell Brand An eye opening video that provides some insight into the behind the scenes reality of COVID.

  • Billionaires have added 730 billion in wealth since March 2020 but economy has lost 40 million jobs

  • Top 3 billionaires are worth more than the bottom half of the entire American population

  • The billionaire class in the U.S. wealth increased by over 80% while 40% of Americans do not have $400 in the bank for an emergency.

  • Mental health issues are skyrocketing and mental health facilities are severely strained. (1/3 of beds cut, 8% budget cuts, thousands of nursing jobs lost)

  • Cuomo book launch in October 2020 which means the book had to be started in the Spring of 2020 right when COVID started. Interesting for sure. Even more interesting considering NY has had one of the worst COVID outcomes in the country and his top 9 Health Advisors quit throughout the pandemic due to the lack of following the "science". Leadership or profit (?)

Is COVID serious? Yep, especially for people over age 70 with 2 pre-existing conditions. Am I a capitalist? Yep. I believe in free markets and everyone choosing their own path in life. Is it the rich we shall blame for getting richer? Nope. But no matter your opinion on masks, infection rates, hand sanitizer, shut downs, etc., just take a second and analyze the behind the scenes relationships between the government/policy makers, the corporations/ banks and the benefits to both for keeping the "pandemic" alive and well. You will find your answer on how important your safety is to the decision makers and selected elected officials. Be careful who and what you are cheering for because Effie Trinket and President Snow will be watching from the stands.


What's for Sale on the Farm? Member sign up is coming soon. Membership will be limited but those that secure a spot will have access to pasture raised beef, chicken and pork, year-round, with free delivery on most orders. Meat processors are fully booked through 2021 meaning finding a reliable, healthy source of meat is going to continually get more difficult.... not for our members though. For a brief program overview visit our website page here. If you need more convincing how important supporting Regenerative Agriculture and organic food production is to your health and the health of our earth watch this documentary on Netflix, Kiss the Ground. To get on our early bird sign up list, email us at Our list is growing weekly so do not hesitate! 100% Grassfed, pasture raised meat, as nature intended! Have an amazing weekend everyone!


P.S. Co-Movement is accepting new in-person private clients. We look forward to bringing your health and fitness to new heights in 2021! Email

P.S.+ 135+ supporters have purchased a handmade, naturally harvested Beaver Stick in the last 4 months supporting Golisanos Children's Hospital in Syracuse NY and Asher's College fund, grab yours today and be reminded that good health and happiness is a blessing!

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