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Co-Mo Collective #25- BLASTING INTO 2021!

Hello all! Thank you for joining and supporting us as we share our health and fitness insights. Our hope is that our content inspires you to move and live courageously!

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Photo of the Month: Vintage

Monthly Workout: We listened to our readers and the overwhelmingly majority requested workouts that were more beginner friendly and less "beast mode". Thank you for the feedback! Your requests will be fulfilled.

5 Sets of: 20 Seconds of Plank Walks 10 Seconds rest between sets

5 Sets of: 20 seconds of Hanging (switch your grip each set) 10 Seconds rest between sets

5 Sets of: 20 Seconds of Air Squats 10 Seconds ret between sets

5 Sets of: 20 Seconds of V-Ups 10 Seconds rest between sets

5 Sets of: 20 Seconds of Jumping Squats 10 Seconds rest between sets


Accumulate 30 Push-ups- This can be done from your feet, knees and in as many sets as needed to complete with perfect form.

Movement of the Month: Many of you asked for simple, easy to implement movements and stretches that could be tossed in throughout the day. We will be highlighting these movements now under this section. These will be varied across all skill levels. The Back Body Line This movement is one of the top core exercises routinely performed by gymnasts. The hollow position, which this movement replicates, engages the exact muscles that need to be strengthened to relieve lower cross syndrome pain. While laying flat on your back, focus on pressing your low back firmly into the ground. This simple cue engages the deep abdominal muscles. It should be more difficult to keep the low back pressed to the ground as the feet are lowered. Like in all movement practice, maintaining proper form is the most critical element. A recommended goal to aim for with this exercise is 3 sets at 60 seconds each with a 2 minute break between sets. Low back pain during this movement is a signal that there is not enough of a posterior pelvis tilt (in other words, PRESS your low back into the ground!) Client Highlight: Jake S., Remote Client, Okinawa Japan HOME GYM

Quote I'm Pondering:

"If you don't fill your day with high-priority actions that inspire you, it will fill up with low priority distractions that don't." Dr. John Demartini

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

Their decisions must have been based on sound science. This is a great read that gives you direct insight into the latest and greatest governmental nutrition recommendations. "The federal government on Tuesday issued new dietary guidelines that keep current allowances for sugar and alcohol consumption unchanged, rejecting recommendations by its scientific advisory committee to make significant cuts." Andrea Petersen, Wall Street Journal A is A Podcast: We are building out an exciting topic list and can not wait to share these episodes with everyone. We believe in truth and truth we shall share. We want you to send us your questions and we will do our best to answer these during one of our episodes. Please take our survey and let us know what topics or questions you want us to dive into!

What's for Sale on the Farm? Member sign up is coming soon. Membership will be limited but those that secure a spot will have access to pasture raised beef, chicken and pork, year-round, with free delivery on most orders. Meat processors are fully booked through 2021 meaning finding a reliable, healthy source of meat is going to continually get more difficult.... not for our members though. For a brief program overview visit our website page here. To get on our early bird sign up list, email us at Our list is growing weekly so do not hesitate! 100% Grassfed, pasture raised meat, as nature intended! Co-Movement Expands It's Team! Rick’s main goal in life is striving towards being the best version of himself both mentally and physically. Back in high school, he had a passion for science, fitness, martial arts, singing and theater. He worked his way through the ranks in Tae Kwon Do to black belt and state champion in kickboxing for two years. During his undergraduate studies he majored in chemistry and philosophy, but also minored in dance. After graduating, he joined the United States Navy and was commissioned as a SWO Nuke for 4 years. He left the military to further his studies in chemistry, and successfully defended for his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry from Syracuse University in 2019. He is currently working as a Materials Research Scientist for Indium Corporation developing sintering, jetting, metal casting, and nanofoil projects. All of this was not enough for him, and his desire/passion to work with and help others guided him to Co-Movement. He has been training and researching exercise science since he was 16, and has trained many of his friends and colleagues throughout the years. He also recently completed the Co-Movement 12 week trainers training program. He will be working with trainers and clients to help facilitate new avenues for fitness, and help individuals to achieve their movement goals in new and exciting ways. Our Team Page

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


P.S. Co-Movement is accepting new in-person private clients through our referral system. If you know someone that is a member, a former member or friend of ours, please include them in your email to us. We look forward to bringing your health and fitness to new heights in 2021! Email

P.S.+ 135+ supporters have purchased a handmade, naturally harvested Beaver Stick in the last 4 months supporting Golisanos Children's Hospital in Syracuse NY and Asher's College fund, grab yours today and be reminded that good health and happiness is a blessing!

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