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Co-Mo Collective #13

Hello all! Thank you for joining us and tapping into our Co-Mo Collective Series! Here is what we are spending time, energy and thoughts on geared towards optimizing a life of moving and living courageously!

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Photo of the Week: Head Over Heels Rainbow Beauty

Weekly Workout:

Every 90 seconds for 18 minutes (4 sets each)

Min 2 - 10 Ab roll outs

Min 3 - 60 seconds of Superman Press

  • Repeat this cycle rotating stations every 90 seconds for 18 minutes


4 rounds NOT for time:

Run 400 meters

30 Russian kettlebell swings

  • Goal is same pace each round

Quote I'm pondering : “How can you love your neighbor if you dont know how to build or mend a fence, how to keep the filth out of his water supply and your poison out of his air; or if you do not produce anything and so have nothing to offer, or do not take care of yourself and so become a burden? How can you be a neighbor without applying principle issue? How will you practice virtue without skill? The ability to be good is not the ability to do nothing. It is not negative or passive. It is the ability to do something well- to do good work for good reasons. In order to be good you have to know how- and this knowing is vast, complex, humble, and humbling; it is of the mind and of the hands, of neither alone.

- Wendell Berry : The Gift of Good Land

What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating:

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

A timeless classic that brings out child-like memories. A hobbit that was "content" with his comfortable life is swept into a life changing adventure to raid the treasure of a large and very dangerous dragon, Smaug. The vivid details that Tolkien captures about nature and their adventures is memorable and enjoyable to read.

Random: Co-Mo Collective #12 we discussed the Pesticide Glyphosate (aka Round Up) and showed a map of its application on farm fields. It got quite the response from our readers which was nice to see as its a major issue that is contributing to epic proportions of sickness within our world. Moving onward's to another similar topic.....

Who enjoys a nice slab of bacon? I sure do.

Right now one of the highest use of antibiotics is in the use of pigs. The stool of pigs is now considered a hazardous waste. The stool is actually illegal to transport across state lines. There are lakes of pig stool (video) that are contained by levies, with hundreds of millions of gallons. Smithfield Farms in North Carolina is one of the major producers of pork and their facilities look like this.

This stool can not be transported or put into the ground since its a hazardous waste. Does this mean you can not eat pork? Of course not, I would recommend supporting a local farmer who raises happy pigs in a humane way, with organic and free range methods like this (video). Joel Salatin raises his pigs in what he calls a "Pig Savannah" and they have an unlimited all you can eat "salad bar" each day.

Only YOU can start to create change within our food system. Make a conscious decision on where you purchase food (directory of healthy farms), and the quality of what you consume.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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