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Co-Mo Collective #12

Hello all! Thank you for joining us and tapping into our Co-Mo Collective Series! Here is what we are spending time, energy and thoughts on geared towards optimizing a life of moving and living courageously!

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Photo of the Week: Blue Mountain Lake NY

Weekly Workout: Every 4 minutes for 3 sets Row 18/15 cals 15 GHD Hip Extensions (sub for this is a sock hamstring curl) 15 Switch Lunges (weight is up to you, I used 15's) + Every 3 minutes for 3 sets Row 18/15 cals 15 Switch Lunges (weight is up to you, I used 15's) + Every 2 minutes for 3 sets Row 18/15 cals Goal is same pace each set, and same pace for row. Proving that you can maintain the same pace = the correct aerobic pace. Reward the Pacer Quote I'm pondering : “A person dependent on somebody else for everything from potatoes to opinions may declare that he is a free man, and his government may issue a certificate granting him his freedom, but he will not be free. He is that variety of specialist known as a consumer, which means that he is the abject dependent of producers. How can he be free if he can do nothing for himself? What is the First Amendment to him whose mouth is stuck to the tit of the “affluent society”? Men are free precisely to the extent that they are equal to their own needs. The most able are the most free.”

- Wendell Berry : Discipline and Hope in A Continuous Harmony (1972) What I'm reading, listening, watching or eating: Food Independence & Planetary Evolution: Zach Bush, MD | Rich Roll Podcast A mind-blowing conversation about pesticides, soil health, COVID-19 and the future of humanity. While 3/4 of this chat is sad statistics, its very important to absorb this, as it may provide motivation and a different lens to see through when approaching both your health and the earths health. Dr Bush ends with an amazing solution-based approach and long rant that will leave you speechless. Strap on your seat belt prior to listening to this. A few notes:

  • At our current rate of destroying our soil we have 60 growing years left before it does not produce food

  • At our current rate of disease the human being species has 70 years left on this planet.

  • A 15 year old today, has the biology of a 60 year old in the 1950's

  • 46% of children have a chronic disease

  • By 2030 1 out of 3 children will be diagnosed with autism

Random: This map shows the amount of Pesticide Glyphosate (aka Round Up) applied to farm fields in 2017 (latest published map) Notice the Central U.S. where the majority of our GMO wheat, corn and soy come from. The run-off from these fields into the Mississippi river has caused a dead zone of 6952 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico which is equivalent to the land mass of Massachusetts. "Cancer Alley" is also located along the Mississippi between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, an area who's name explains one of the highest rates of cancer in the U.S.

Pesticide Map I recommend starting to research regenerative agriculture (no till, no chemicals), as its the future of farming and a major player in restoring earth back to a long-term habitable place.


Rodale Institute Have an amazing weekend everyone! Josh P.S. Our children's health should be a primary importance starting today. The above statistics are scary as hell. For parents looking for a 101 level introduction into healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, sleep improvement and many other topics that lead to TRUE HEALTH, our Fit Kids Fit Future Health Curriculum price has been drastically discounted as we recently launched the digital version. You can pick up a copy here. The entire family will benefit! P.S. + 2020 Summer APPAREL order is here. Many options to represent your Co-Movement community! (Numerous colors are available) Forwarded this message? Sign up here. No spam or no junk, ever. Want to personally work with a Co-Movement coach? Inquire here Affiliate Note: Some of these companies happen to offer commissions for online referrals. Other ones don’t. This doesn’t affect my choice, but where available, I made point of using the right type of link so that this blog will get a credit if you end up purchasing a product. It’s a nice and fully optional way to help out this blog if you choose to do so while securing some new and useful products!

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