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2020 Co-Movement Games Results

The 2020 Co-Movement Games were a huge success! Congrats to all those that participated and to Bob Galinski for taking 1st place.

Athletes proved full effort = full victory.

We will be accepting 20-30 participants for 2021.

Participants in the 2021 Games will see the exact same events, you have 1 year to prepare.

Will you be able to conquer West Hill on your bike? How quickly?

Will you be able to complete "The Longest Carry" How quickly?

What will you lift in the Turkish Get Up?

Can you tackle Knoxboro Road on the final stretch of the Run?

Being a participant is the only way to find out.

Results for each event are below.

"The Longest Walk"

2020 Games Results
Download XLSX • 12KB

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