An easy to understand framework that hacks true health and happiness

The Future of Happiness Method is an immersive, hands on program that was created out of the trials and tribulations of those who refused to live a mediocre life. No academic journals or generic 5 step programs, just real-life application launched in 2015, that creates happier, stronger people. It's a real-world journal summarized into an enjoyable, eye-opening course that lends itself as a true foundation to a healthy life. 


Education: The Future of Happiness Method framework, activities and all course handouts. 

Daily movement sessions:  We believe movement is medicine. We facilitate all types of creative movement in a wide variety of settings for all levels.  

Adventure:  We curate adventures and activities to help build self esteem and confidence

Nourishment: Healthy food that fuels your body. 

Private time:  Relax, explore, and renew in a new beautiful environment. 

Follow up: Education post immersion ensures continued growth and accountability


This is the one course that should be taught the day after graduating high school.

This program may be for you if you .....

  • Received little to no guidance counseling in school which delayed or has prevented you from discovering a job and life you love

  • Are stressed, lacking motivation, and bored with your current day to day routine

  • Are confused on how to create true health giving you the energy, strength, and a confidence to chase the exciting life you deep down know you deserve.

  • Enjoy networking and meeting others with similar goals in a beautifully stimulating environment.

  • Want to build a body capable of enduring life’s adventures.

We believe a world filled with people who are motivated and happy will breed better relationships, more conscious focus on creating value for others, respect for the planet, better health habits and more love.


Our immersion programs call to the unconventional, unique and brave individuals that want to live a larger life. The end result is an immense feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and a new perspective on life.
Choose from local accessible adventures meant to enrich your every day with little travel time and investment to more in depth travel immersions in international picturesque settings.

Disclaimer: This is not a vacation. Yes, we host these in amazing locations, they are memorable and fun but more importantly this is an opportunity for those we call “seekers”, those looking for ideas and a method on how to live a larger life. If you are looking to simply escape your life and not grow as a human being, this is not a program for you.

DESTINATIONS- Our destinations both local and international are purposefully chosen- the curated setting is the backdrop needed for deep work and transformation to occur. The criteria for our location is deeply connected to our philosophies and rooted in Nature - Adventure - Clean Eating - Movement - Personal Growth

Lake Placid, NY

Dates: Oct 11-14, 2018

Join us in the Adirondacks!

Immerse yourself with Co-Movements team and explore The Future of Happiness Method, daily movement practices, wellness lectures, adventure and much more. 



February 17-22, 2019

Join us in the Blue Zone jungles of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica on an unprecedented journey filled with a balance of experiences such as daily movement sessions including yoga, educational lectures focused on The Future of Happiness Method, hiking, cooking, private zen time, beach time and cultural exploration.

Its time to recharge on white sand beaches and live the pura vida lifestyle. 






I hired Co-Movement 3 years ago to write my training programs, but what I received from them was a whole lot more. Not only did they become my trainer but also my mentor, providing me with many resources to work on myself, (books and podcasts), became my business adviser and also a good friend. We worked through the Future of Happiness Method and I have learned that if you live your passion your life will be a success. Every time we communicate I learn something new, whether it is about life, career, finance or relationships, it always goes against the grain of conventional thought. Our world is changing every day and Co-Movement has helped me think and grow to keep up with those changes.

 Co-Movement Gym

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