The A is A Health Podcast

The A is A Health Podcast with Andy Cieply, Josh Lewis, and Dr. Ricky McDonough

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A is A Health Podcast

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A is A Health Podcast

The A is A Health Podcast is an online radio show/podcast that is dedicated to providing our listeners with the truth about health, fitness and other wellness topics. Your hosts, Andy Cieply, Josh Lewis and Dr. Ricky McDonough have over 40 years of combined fitness experience as personal trainers, fitness scientists, and thought leaders.

A is A Health Podcast Show notes

The fitness world is filled with countless amounts of supplements and workout programs that simply don’t work . Andy, Josh and Ricky got together and created the A is A Health Podcast as a platform to weed through all of the false information and provide our listeners with what we know is the truth and will lead you to success along your fitness journey. By listening to the A is A Health podcast and reading our show notes, you will learn all of the science-based tips and tricks we use on ourselves and the hundreds of clients we have trained throughout the years.