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This program is simple and extremely effective. Our team at Co-Movement sat down and compiled 12 years’ worth of information from hundreds (maybe thousands) of clients we have worked with. What worked well, what worked great, what was a disaster. We took this information and broke it down into easily digestible educational material. We combined this with weekly accountability training sessions and unlimited access to our facility. We understand people are very busy, on a budget and are frustrated with continual gimmicks flooding their inboxes. That is why we have done the following:

  •                 Created a program that is only 8 weeks in length (you are welcome to extend your commitment at any time once you end up loving it here but you are free to leave after 8 weeks)

  •                 Created a program that is designed to improve aesthetics, energy, full body strength and overall knowledge around what works and what does not when it comes to health, nutrition and movement.

  •                 Created a program that requires only 2 days a week in the gym. That’s right, the rest of the time we want you with your family, friends and focusing on the other aspects of your health that we know are so important.

  •                 Finally, we created a program that has a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel your experience over the 8 weeks left you with more strength, energy, knowledge and overall satisfaction, I will refund 100% of your money. I only ask that you truly put 100% of your effort into succeeding. I am that confident in this program.

So what’s included?

  • 2 Private 45 min Coaching Sessions per week one-on-one with your trainer

  • Comprehensive Co-Movement Grocery List, making grocery shopping super easy. This list has been edited numerous times throughout the years and this final draft breaks all the foods down into Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.

  • Access to our 28-day Easy Fit Challenge. This challenge is fabulous way to jump start massive success.  

  • One free session for a friend/family member. Introduce someone special to our amazing community.

  • Progress Habit Tracker Worksheet. Nothing beats a checklist starring you in the face each day reminding you of the correct choices to make. This checklist is just that.

  • Our 71 page digital book: Because You Can

            - 17 Healthy Habit articles that layout effective routines guaranteed to improve your physical and mental health.

            - 17 Educational Movements. These exercises are what we consider to be some of the most effective movements on the planet.

            - 34 Beginner workouts with videos. Yes, that right, 34 free workouts that were custom wrote by us, that are simple and easy to complete.

            - 17 Advanced workouts with videos. Yes, 17 more workouts for the advanced client. The feedback we have received with these workouts have been nothing but spectacular.

            - 17 Inspiring quotes. Who doesn’t need some motivation? These quotes keep you inspired and focused.


Some of you may think this is crazy, including all this information and value within this program. What I can tell you is this. We have been in this industry 12 years and the best part of continuing to do what we do on a daily basis is to see happy, satisfied clients. Clients walking around with more confidence, less pain, happier and most of all, healthier. Without those continued success stories, I will shut the doors. So why not give you as much value as possible, increasing the likelihood of your success? Sure, we could charge for each item separately, upsell you, and have countless costly add on’s etc. or we can keep it simple and wrap it all into one amazing package.


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