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EasyFit Challenge

28 Day Challenge!

Free, Easy, and Effective!

Over the last few months Co-Movement Gym has been hard at work creating an easy to follow and highly effective challenge for individuals who want to jump-start a healthy routine or improve upon positive changes they have already made. You can start the EasyFit Challenge at any time and the rules are easy to follow: 

Challenge Rules:

#1 Each week accumulate 10 miles of walking or running outside.

#2 Each week choose one of the following:

  • Fast for an entire 24 hours.


  • Fast for two 16 hour intervals per week.

#3 For 28 days you will only drink water, black coffee or tea (for your liquids).

** Disclaimer, do NOT fast for 28 days. The third rule is for your LIQUIDS that you consume, it can only be water, black coffee or tea**

Many challenges leave participants disappointed with unrealistic expectations, or require you to buy something.

This challenge is not one of them! 

No matter your goals or abilities YOU can do this!

All we ask is for participants to take at least one photo per week of their experience, post on social media, and

Tag Co-Movement Gym and the EasyFit Challenge:



Many people, companies and universities have started implementing this challenge and the results speak for themselves!

Everyone can benefit from this challenge regardless of skill level, and is an easy/effective way to break through some weight loss plateaus without the risk of effecting your current workout routine. 

No excuses! Take that first step and put this challenge to the test!

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The Facebook Group provides a community where you can get feedback from others just like you who are currently going through the challenge, completed the challenge, or are going through the challenge again!

Share your experience with friends, family, and coworkers!

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Stay Healthy!