For 10 years we have successfully worked with hundreds of clients at all levels, coaching them as they pursue their goals. Our community is made up of parents, "brand new to fitness" beginners, weekend warriors, post surgery patients, those training for a lifetime competition such as Crossfit or Triathlon , wedding or other big events. No matter your goal our coaches will guide you along your journey. 
Our years of experience has made it clear to us that success lies in providing....
  • A sustainable long-term approach to health and movement. Short term, cookie cutter plans simply do not work.
  • Customized programming for the individual. We take into account your current abilities, goals, lifestyle and commitment level when designing your program. 
  •  Implement the most potent and effective methods possible. Few people have unlimited time to spend in the gym. Knowing exactly what exercises, energy systems and mobility patterns to train, allows us to spearhead true effectiveness while at the gym.   
  • Lifestyle coaching. Easy to manage nutrition, stress and sleep protocols are the frosting on the "cake".


An opportunity to work one-on-one or in a small group with an experienced coach who will provide an assessment, accountability and strategic program to assist in achieving your goals. The ultimate level of guidance an support.


This option is perfect for those looking for the guidance and structure a coach provides but would prefer having the flexibility to complete the program on their own in the comfort of their own home, facility of choice or HQ.  



Assessment, Education, Recommendation, Operationalize


Are you tired of fad diets, and confusion around proper nutrition? Weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved energy and better digestion are popular goals but require specific nutrition prescription's. Work one on one with nutrition expert Andrew Cieply and begin your path to greater health.     



Healthier kids are smarter and happier kids!  Numerous programs available to jump start your child's active lifestyle. Tumbling, Recreational Cheer-leading, After School Recreation Program and Birthday Parties.  

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Andrew, the other trainers, and clients have created an amazing environment where making yourself a priority and positive personal growth is contagious. Being someone who used to hate strength training, it is crazy for me now to know that I honestly look forward to my biweekly sessions and can’t imagine not doing it.