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October 17th, 2020
First Event Start time: 8:00 AM
End time: Approx. 12:00 PM 


Event #1 The Get Up

  • Participants will establish a one rep max turkish get up. You must successfully stand up and lower back down to the floor with complete control. The weight you are able to lift successfully with both arms will be your score. For every 5 lbs lifted of your max weight, participants will deduct 1 minute off their total event time

  • Example: Participant lifted 50lb successfully with both their right and left arm. They will deduct 10 minutes off their total event time. 

Event #2 The Carry 

  • Participants will complete a 400 meter farmers carry, for time. Male weight is 70lb per hand. Female 45lb per hand. You can set down the weight as much as you prefer with no penalty. Your time will be recorded after you complete all 400 meters. Your total time will be multiped by 3 for an overall score. 

  • Example: Participant crosses the finish line at 6 minutes. Score = 18 minutes

Event #3 The Chase: Will you be the predator or the prey?

  • Participants will have a stagger start in this event. Depending on your overall time for the first two events will determine when you are released to start Event #3. First place participant will be launched first, ahead of 2nd place based on their lead time after 2 events and this same cycle will repeat until the last participant is launched. What does this mean? Whoever crosses the finish line first after event 3 is the winner. 

  • Example: 1st place has a 3 minute lead over 2nd place after the first two events. First place will start event #3 3 minutes ahead of 2nd place, effectively being chased the entire race. If 3rd place is 45 seconds behind 2nd place after 2 events, 3rd place will start 45 seconds after 2nd place is launched, and this cycle repeats until the last person leaves. 

  • Participants will strap on their seat belt with their favorite foot powered bicycle and ride from HQ to the Deansboro Post Office down West Hill, turn around and simply return back to HQ for a total of 3.6 miles. Upon returning back to HQ participants will immediately start a 3.44 mile run loop down Skyline, take a left on Eagan Road, and a final left turning up Knoxboro road, finishing at HQ. 

  • Example: Bike + Run time = 49 minutes

Final tally: 

  • The Carry 18 minutes + The Chase 49 minutes minus The Get up 10 minutes = total score = 57 minutes. 

All these events have been tried and tested behind the scenes by Co-Movement guinea pigs and surely will not disappoint. 

Email us at to reserve your spot. 

Remember no one ever said they enjoyed being an arm chair quarterback, the joy and sense of accomplishment in life comes from getting over the finish line as a PARTICIPANT. 

Get into the arena. 

In the famous words of J.G. Bennett

"My body is the home in which my mind or soul has to live from birth to death. It is the chief instrument by which I act on the world and achieve my purposes. Its state of health and efficiency- not just at this moment, but for the rest of my life- will influence everything that I think, feel, say and do."

Admission Cost: $1.00

Let the games begin.

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Josh Lewis Founder and movement coach at Co-Movement gym holding kettle bells outside
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