Coach Co-Movement

Create your Future as a Co-Movement Coach

You have a passion in fitness, you live it, and want to help others unlock their potential in a safe and effective setting that is aligned with their personal goals. Now is the time to enter the Health and Movement industry. A rewarding profession coupled with a company that promotes growth and innovation is a powerful combination.


With a $25.8 Billion dollar in market share in health and wellness space, the leaders are investing in continuing education, effective programming, and boutique fitness facilities are the experience customers are seeking.


Become a Co-Movement coach

Minimum Coaching Requirements: 

​- Completion of the Co-Movement Level 1 and Level 2 trainers course

- Actively participates and pursues a healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym 

- Enjoys working closely one on one and small groups 

- Reliable 100% of the time

- Has excellent time management skills 

- Willingness to learn and growth mindset

- Enjoys creating customized lifestyle and movement programs

Level 1 Course- Built on our foundational and unique 4 pillar training system. Participants are taken through the Oak, Bamboo, Water and Air body movements and learn how to properly assess and progress clients they work with day to day.


Level 2 Course – Progresses into program design, communication and lifestyle education skills. Participants will take their coaching skills to the next level with the completion of this course and ability to serve as a leader within a movement facility.

Level 3 Master Coach- a highly selective opportunity to join the Co-Movement HQ team and conduct seminars and workshops. An exciting option for those that enjoy travel, meeting new people and working with groups.

** Graduation from the coaching program does not

guarantee a coaching position**


Set your own schedule

Flexible scheduling allows you to stay fresh and motivated.

Join a like minded 


Why spend countless hours at a dead-end job with people you dislike? A fun, engaging community just feels right. 

Excellent compensation 

Receive top pay for top performance. We attract the best in the industry, so you are rewarded for that. 


As an independent contractor you  manage your own time and have full control of your career trajectory.